Update: Iterable Introduces AI Optimization Suite to Drive Individualized Communications For Millions of Customers

New AI Optimization Suite, alongside other products and capabilities, to be unveiled at Iterable’s signature conference, Activate Summit North America

Iterable, the powerful communication platform that helps brands activate customers with joyful interactions at scale, today announced the release of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Optimization Suite, which includes Iterable’s new Predictive Goals with Explainable AI, as well as existing Iterable AI products, Brand Affinity and Send Time Optimization. With the Iterable AI Optimization Suite, brands can deliver outcome-based marketing strategies that drive stronger, individualized customer experiences.

Predictive Goals, Iterable’s newest AI product, provides brands with the most versatile and intelligent way to develop smarter personalization strategies. Brands can define and create conversion goals that are unique to their business needs, and Predictive Goals builds customized predictions that forecast how likely their customer base is to convert on their goals. With these predictions, marketers can intelligently create custom customer segments, tailor their messaging on conversion-maximizing campaigns, and increase the velocity of their experimentation for maximum impact.

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Within Predictive Goals is Explainable AI, a feature unique to Iterable customers that is designed to give marketers a look “under the hood” of their AI-powered campaigns. Explainable AI gives marketers a robust understanding of exactly which data points contributed to the forecasts made by Predictive Goals, and access to a wealth of insights that they can apply to future campaigns. The new tool empowers marketers with the information and insights they need to deliver individualized campaigns at scale, and continuously improve their approach.

“Our AI Optimization Suite unlocks limitless possibilities for our customers, who now have access to powerful AI tools that are comprehensive and entirely customizable. With detailed insight into how customer behaviors are correlated to specific goals and business outcomes, marketers can approach their work with the strategic, high-impact mindset of a data scientist,” said Bela Stepanova, Senior Vice President of Product at Iterable. “Understanding the inner workings (the ‘why’ and ‘how’) behind the intelligent system gives marketers the clarity and confidence to improve and refine the predictions they create, design goals that fit their unique business needs, and implement fresh ideas about how to approach building customer-first campaigns.”

With Iterable’s AI Optimization Suite, marketers can understand and operationalize their customer data and insights, to make better decisions and deliver messages that resonate with their customers. Several of Iterable’s customers are already leveraging Iterable AI to unlock the power of their data, like RealSelf, a health care marketplace where users can research cosmetic procedures.

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“At RealSelf, our mission is to create a world where every investment in modern beauty is worth it. With this mission in mind, we’re laser-focused on ensuring that every touchpoint with our individual customers along the entire journey—from onboarding to re-engagement—builds into an experience with our brand that is ‘worth it’ for them, as well,” said Sarah Rose, Email Operations Lead at RealSelf. “With Iterable, we’re able to leverage the power of AI to intelligently personalize our communications to our customers in real-time, ensuring we deliver them valuable experiences that drive deeper relationships with our brand. We’re excited to continue augmenting our customer connection capabilities, with the help of new technologies and AI innovation.”

Iterable’s product team will share more details on the AI Optimization Suite during a Product Showcase on September 8 in San Francisco at the company’s signature fall event, Activate Summit North America. During the presentation, Iterable will reveal the full range of products, features, and capabilities included in the brand’s summer release, all of which help marketers convert deeper customer understanding into business impact:

  • Creating Individualized Experiences at Scale: Efficiently create and automate individualized experiences faster and at scale with new enhancements to Iterable’s Studio. Enhancing predictability at an individual level, Iterable’s redesigned Templates enable marketers to streamline the message creation process with accurate testing and previewing of dynamic content. These new enhancements ensure marketers are engaging the right users at the right time, with content designed for their individual preferences.
  • Optimizing Results with Data Insights: Audience Insights is a new feature that provides cohort-level insights, allowing marketers to validate and refine messages for maximum relevance and ROI. It is designed in a visible and flexible dashboard style that is easy to understand for increased visibility across teams.
  • Maximize the Potential of Your Mobile Data: Iterable’s latest mobile enhancements capture more data from mobile devices to enable the creation of individualized experiences. Marketers can improve product announcement personalization, deliver compelling new customer welcome messages, create new interaction touchpoints as users browse their website across mobile and desktop, and more. Iterable’s latest mobile enhancements also enable marketers to capture event data automatically, even when a device is offline, ensuring the customer journey activates from anywhere at any time.
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