Yotpo Demonstrates The Next Frontier of Ecommerce with AI-Powered User-Generated Content

With New Suite of AI-Powered Solutions from Yotpo  Helped Fashion Company Yandy Lowers Facebook Ad Cost-Per-Click by 72% Using “Smart UGC”

Yotpo, the complete customer content marketing platform, has unveiled a new suite of ecommerce solutions that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to collect and display user-generated content (UGC) likely to drive higher conversions based on past performance. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, intelligent assistants, and personalized displays, Yotpo introduces a more dynamic and engaging experience across the buyer journey to accelerate sales. The cutting-edge capabilities are showcased in the new eBook, “The Next Frontier of UGC: Building a Modern Brand with UGC + AI.”

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Yotpo Powers Marketing Teams to Capture Attention, Build Trust and Accelerate Sales using User-Generated Content

Tomer Tagrin
Tomer Tagrin

At the time of this announcement, Tomer Tagrin, CEO and co-founder of Yotpo, said, “Consumers crave authenticity from the brands they engage with, and nothing is more genuine than validation from fellow shoppers. Leveraging consumer behavior, sentiment and purchase data, intelligent user-generated content gives marketers a much more effective way to capture attention, build trust and accelerate sales.”

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Earlier in 2018, Yotpo unveiled Insights, which applies natural language processing, deep learning and sentiment analysis to user reviews to turn feedback into powerful customer experience data. The same AI engine powers Yotpo’s new eCommerce enhancements to enable —

Smarter Content Generation

  • More reviews: Machine learning optimizes email review request send times tailored to the customer, the company, and/or the industry. Brands are able to generate more reviews, fast-improving order-to-review conversion rates as high as 10-11%, compared to industry standards of 1-2%
  • Better quality reviews: An AI assistant encourages customers to write high-quality, in-depth reviews by suggesting relevant topics to cover. Topics are suggested based on previous submissions and buyer search history to ensure maximum impact on purchase decisions. Initial results show that AI assistance yielded a 61% bump in topics within reviews

Smarter User-Generated Content Moderation

  • Auto-review: Sentiment analysis detects positive or negative sentiment words and phrases within reviews with an industry-leading 92% accuracy, allowing marketers to auto-publish positive reviews while flagging ones that might need manual attention and response

Smarter ecommerce Displays

  • Personalized views: On product pages, shoppers will be able to customize their UGC views to quickly find specific information. In addition to a search-in-reviews function, visitors can filter reviews based on topics. Machine learning identifies the topics that had the most impact on purchase decisions.
  • Review highlights: Optimized for the mobile-first shopper, sentiment analysis pulls key snippets from top-performing reviews and displays them above the fold.

Smarter Email and Social Ads

  • Best reviews for marketing: Yotpo dynamically pulls the best and most relevant copy and images in email promotional campaigns, cart abandonment emails, social ads and more.

Demonstrating how “smart UGC” can improve marketing outcomes, specialty fashion retailer Yandy used Yotpo to revive their flagging dynamic product ads (DPA) for Facebook. Tapping into Yotpo’s Facebook Ad integration, Yandy was able to automatically sync five-star customer reviews that had influenced purchases. As a result, Yandy’s click-through rates tripled and cost-per-click decreased by 72%.

Eric Polatty, Digital Marketing Manager at Yandy shared, “We have spent less money than our standard DPA campaign, but have driven 70% more purchases and seen a 78% higher ROAS.”

The Next Frontier of UGC: Building a Modern Brand with UGC + AI” provides a comprehensive overview of how intelligent, customer-created content is defining the future of eCommerce growth. The eBook identifies the forces redefining modern brand-branding; profiles how direct-to-consumer disruptors like UNTUCKit, Brooklinen, Greats Brand and Adore Me push the envelope on social proof; and showcases how artificial intelligence transforms customer content into a dynamic, personalized experience that drives higher engagement and conversions.

Currently, Yotpo’s AI-powered solution helps merchants collect high-quality user-generated content and use it to build a stronger brand and better customer experience. A combination of technology, integrations, and partnerships enables brands to seamlessly leverage UGC throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof and sales.

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