Wingman by Clari Unveils Intelligent Alerts Solution

Wingman by Clari, a leader in conversation intelligence for sales, today unveiled Actions, real-time, intelligent alerts that help salespeople act when it matters to stop revenue leak, optimize sales workflows and drive revenue collaboration — all from their Slack.

With Actions, Wingman solves the two key challenges for sales orgs everywhere: the lack of visibility into pipeline risks and the never-ending back and forth between CRM, calendar, dialer, notes and half a dozen browser tabs.

“In challenging economic times like now, executives are leaning on their sales orgs more than ever to be more productive and capture every drop of revenue,” says Shruti Kapoor, co-founder and CEO of Wingman, “but there’s an elephant in the room: reps spend only a third of their time selling! We built Actions, so revenue teams can take back control and act in real-time.“

Research shows that the average salesperson spends 64% of their time on non-selling activities. A lion’s share of this time goes into admin and service tasks such as reviewing accounts, researching prospects, pipeline reviews, updating notes in CRM and follow-ups.

Which means moving back and forth between apps and browser tabs, trying to find needles in a haystack. Safe to say, selling has become a juggling act and things slip through the cracks. Productivity suffers, prospects go dark and revenue is lost.

Enter Actions by Wingman, in your Slack.

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Actions to Stop Revenue Leak

Missed follow-ups, radio silence from prospects, single-threaded deals, pricing not discussed, or no decision-makers on call… Wingman analyzes all your sales conversations (and emails) to surface at-risk opportunities in Slack channels, so you can take instant action.

  • Review recent activity — know what happened in that last conversation
  • Update deal info — opportunity value, stage, close date, etc. (auto-sync to CRM)
  • Create deal rooms — collaborate with deal owners to push to the finish line

“It’s our early warning system for deals at risk, all in Slack. All customizable, so every salesperson can enable daily or weekly deal digests at a time that works for them. Plus, it’s super easy to collaborate with deal owners, coach reps on key deals and improve our win rates,” says Neha Gupta, Head of Commercial Sales at Wingman by Clari.

Actions to Optimize Sales Workflows

With one-click access to prospect intel, recent deal activity and meeting info, Wingman’s pre-call Actions make it easy to prep for calls and follow-ups (and join meetings, too!) without the back and forth—all from Slack.

Moments after a call ends, Wingman pipes in AI-detected next steps from your meeting directly into Slack, so you can review the conversation, send a follow-up email pre-filled with next steps and a recording link, or even update your CRM in a few clicks.

Put together, it’s less busywork and more time for selling.

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Actions to Improve Forecasting Accuracy

Nothing kills sales forecasts like patchy, missing or gone-bad CRM data. Remember all the memes exhorting reps to update CRM?

With Actions, you can update CRM from anywhere (anywhere with Slack and Wi-Fi!). Forecasting fields, opportunity data or BANT… sales teams can customize post-call Actions and map frequently used CRM fields (close date, opportunity stage, deal value, etc.) to suit their needs.

Everything is synced to your Salesforce/HubSpot instantly, so your CRM and so revenue forecasts are more accurate by the day.

Actions in Slack goes live for all our customers on 29 September, 2022.

Wingman, a leader in conversation intelligence, unlocks actionable insights from every sales interaction to help you predict revenue outcomes, identify winning strategies and take action on deals at risk.

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