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How are the newest marketing automation features changing the way B2B marketers function? And what does the future look like for user generated content and social marketing? Find out more from this latest martech weekly highlight:


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Marketing sits at the intersection between the customer, the seller and the product. Because of this unique position, we have insight into every aspect of our go to market strategy, as well as access to an endless amount of data that we collect through our tech stack.

Nick Ford, CMO at Mendix

Top MarTech News of The Week: 26th Sept to 30th Sept

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The second reason retail media has grown in priority is because of the data and insights available. Several major retail platforms have enabled self-service advertising platforms and continue to expand their API services and data availability. This allows for brands to test at very specific grains to optimize their media, content, pricing, and portfolio strategies.

Claudia Johnson, Vice-President of Capability Acceleration at Flywheel Digital

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