Choosing an Identity Resolution Vendor – What to Keep in Mind

In the modern marketing world, capturing and understanding the 360° view of customers is critical for success. Identity Resolution Software can be the solution here.

The right identity resolution software offers the connective tissue across consumer touchpoints and aims to provide single, reliable, and 360° view of your customers. Given the modern marketing scenario, identity resolution is necessary for today’s highly-competitive market.

In 2022, if you meet customer expectations for more personalized brand experiences – with all data privacy and security needs – you will need a way to understand your customers well.

Let us help you understand more about it.

What is Identity Resolution?

Essentially, Identity resolution means your ability to recognize your customer, in real-time, by connecting different identifiers through their touchpoints. The software helps to create a single customer profile out of all the interactions and reduces redundancy from the system.

Identity resolution is important for marketers and with so many identity resolution vendors, you may find it difficult to choose the right one for yourself. Before you get confused, here are some questions to ask your identity resolution vendor.

  1. What constitutes your data? It will help you understand the breadth and depth of the data your identity resolution will be able to provide.
  2. Where do you source your data from?
  3. How often do you update your data?
  4. What kind of quality checks do you perform on your data?
  5. What kind of data coverage do you have?

Once you cross-check the credibility of the identity resolution vendor against these questions, you will be able to choose your vendor properly.

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Before you take a call, let us walk you through the top identity resolution vendors that you should know about in 2022.

1. LiveRamp

Based out of San Francisco, LiveRamp is one of the most popular identity resolution tools available in the market. The tool enables its partners and clients to connect, control and activate customer data to offer the best customer experiences. LiveRamp features a comprehensive infrastructure delivering end-to-end addressability for some of the world’s top brands, publishers, and agencies.

2. FullContact

FullContact is one of the #1 privacy-safe identity resolution companies building trust between brands and people. The platform’s team works 24*7 to create a meaningful customer journey with the brand. They believe – when the journey is good, the destination looks more beautiful and in the case of brands, it calls for better conversions and lasting relationships.

FullContact is a steward of customer information offering people the required privacy and transparency that is desired when it comes to data.

3. Pipl

Pipl is an identity resolution company trying to establish deep connections between data elements to make up a unique identity. The platform analyzes relationships between many identifiers such as smartphones, tablets, emails, and social media data spanning across the globe.

The platform successfully removes business barriers and with its wide pool of global data, Pipl’s clients can make connections that their competitors cannot.

4. Amperity

Specially designed for customer-centric brands, Amperity offers the power to turn the siloed customer content into game-changing data for brands. The identity resolution tool helps people use data to serve their customers in the best manner they can. The tool offers a novel approach to embracing all your messy customer data and creates a delightful experience for the customers.

It is proudly a customer data platform built for the needs of the enterprise.

5. Senzing

Senzing is another popular identity resolution platform offering robust features for smart data matching. It is an entity resolution platform offering the fastest way to add highly accurate data to brands for matching and relationship analysis. Successfully used by brands such as IBM, MoneyGram, Verisk, Code for America, and more, Senzing software easily allows brands to quickly add the most advanced data matching and relationship discovery to their application and services.

There is no expertise required to use the tool and the tool features an easy API, which can be set up within minutes and deployed within a few days.

Final Word

Do not think that identity resolution software can replace your other marketing stack such as CRM, CDPs, and so on. Identity resolution tools are complementary tools and they help to:

  • Align your disparate first, second, and third-party data sources into a single customer view.
  • Enrich your existing data with context and additional details turning the siloed data into meaningful customer experiences.
  • Accurately reach your customers in all the channels.
  • Identify anonymous individuals visiting your owned properties.

Identity resolution can revolutionize your marketing and customer relationships. Choose the best-fit platform to drive your overall brand and business success, based on your near-term commercial goals and needs.

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