Have Some of Your Recent Marketing Campaigns Backfired?

Marketing ideas can come in plenty. What matters is smart end-to-end execution with use of the right martech and appropriate marketing processes. Even with the smartest of ideas though, several marketing teams can often feel like as though their recent campaign plans or strategies have backfired without giving them the ROI they desired. Here are a few things that could be wrong with your latest marketing campaigns if you feel you’re one of them!


The great thing about integrated martech systems and unified marketing processes is that marketing teams across the typical hierarchy can easily dive into real-time statistics and data to figure out what went wrong and what needs urgent improvement. In a crowded marketing ecosystem where brands are now forced to consider unique channels and more innovative ways to drive deeper engagement, everything that is done by a marketing team has to constantly be evaluated at every stage.

While doing this, when marketers feel that their campaigns aren’t performing the way they should, it is important to dive into deeper aspects to understand what went wrong.

Copy-Pasting Someone Else’s Plan or Strategy

Marketers need to often get inspiration on what to do and how to do it by seeing the latest trends in the market they belong to and also, by evaluating what some of their closest and most successful competitors are doing. But, copying a method used by another brand is not the solution – the idea is take a page or two from all of this and recreate personalized/custom messaging and campaigns that can drive results, based on the current data set the marketing team is reaching out to.

Taking a page or two from other successful campaigns is a good way to further any marketing impact but without assessing how it could fit into the current state of a brand’s actual customer journey can affect it’s overall success. Not evaluating more about how or whether existing prospects / customers are in the stage of their journey to receive certain kinds of messaging based on other inspiring campaigns can lead to lower results than desired.

To prevent the wrong message from being sent to the wrong audience base and ensure that campaigns drive the desired brand impact, no marketer can copy-paste a campaign inspired by what another brand has done.

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Making the Connect Between Marketing Data and Creativity

With the plethora of marketing intelligence and sales intelligence platforms in the market today, it is so much easier for marketers to have a more precise understanding of what their customers and prospects want, what kind of messaging or social triggers will resonate with them, or simply: what they are craving for in terms value-add products/features/services.

This is where having a robust marketing ops practice comes into play, to allow dedicated resources to feed this information to the relevant marketing team members. The right push and connect between existing data and using it to segment target audiences with the right creative push is a step not many marketing teams have in place yet.

Not Learning Fast From Recent Campaign Outcomes

It is often possible that marketing teams have a strategy or quarter long campaign idea in place. But being too stringent about following the framework of one without using the real-time behavioral insights available to them to make required tweaks in real-time will break the ROI of any plan. Learning to act fast and more importantly, to act quick from most recent marketing failures because of access to data is a sure shot way to save marketing costs, reduce unnecessary marketing spends and ensure that ROI goals are met at the brand and business level.

A Few Last Words

Any kind of marketing or for that matter, business activity will come with its share of risks. Continuous evaluation and improvement is the key to mitigating most of these risks when it comes to marketing. Seasoned marketers and brands who have constantly been able to deliver strong marketing impact understand this and cater to it to ensure not just marketing success but also overall business growth.

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