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How will intelligent hyper-automation change the game for marketers in future? And will intuitive conversational platforms lead to more automated buying journeys over time? Catch more from these weekly highlights:


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It’s critical to know how far into the future to aim when building your product. For our customer engagement market, our customer base moves really fast. You need to always be building towards the horizon since there are constantly new opportunities with technology, regulatory, or consumer expectation shifts. That wouldn’t work for every industry — in some cases, you have product areas that remain static for long periods of time because there isn’t the same constant push for novelty as you see in customer engagement. –Kevin Wang, SVP of Product at Braze

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The main challenge we see advertisers are facing is actually defining their contextual advertising strategies. Brands have spent many years developing the demographic and socioeconomic profiles of their customers but they have no idea about their contextual profile. As a result, most brands now define their contextual strategies based on intuition but are lacking hard data that proves they are using the right parameters. –Jorge Poyatos, Co-founder at Seedtag

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