Should Marketers Use Conversational AI to Enable Better Online Journeys?

Conversational AI can enable eCommerce and retailer/e-tailer units to drive better customer experiences during the holiday rush. This is why brand marketers belonging to these segments need to strengthen their conversational AI experience to differentiate their customer journeys…

It’s time for online and offline business to start prepping for the upcoming holiday rush, to cater to a multitude of orders and to offer a seamless customer experience while at it; these are priorities that need to take the upper hand in a tough marketplace.

Missed shipments, the inability to handle client complaints or custom requests on time and several other factors can impact this experience and have a negative ripple effect for a brand.

A well-integrated conversational AI approach can prevent obstacles along the way when there is an upcoming seasonal rush while also serving to drive instant, customized buying journeys.

Let’s skim through a few top benefits of conversational AI:

Provides a More Personalized Shopping Experience to Global Customers

Most mid to large sized eCommerce brands will serve to cater to a global user base. This means that brands here need to cater to different preferred delivery locations or make constant adjustments to delivery times, handle changing logistical requirements, respond to questions about products/sizes and so much more.

For a brand to be always-on and available to address queries or concerns from different time zones while also using intuitive tech to suggest alternative products to constantly win new orders, conversational AI can prove beneficial. From helping a brand’s team to share real-time inventory numbers to the ability to send product information through chat/mobile or email, these tools can be set up to handle a diverse range of requests that can in turn create a more personalized shopping and buyer experience.

Enables 24 Hour Support, Despite Locational Differences

For a brand to be able to provide a seamless always-on experience and show that they are available to their customer despite different geographies, a lot of everyday communications need to be automated. For eCommerce brands, providing an always-on experience despite geographies becomes more crucial. For eCommerce/online businesses to cater to different kinds of orders, shipment concerns or even grievances in real-time, a tailored conversational AI tool that supports call centers can prevent a lot of problems while ensuring instant, 24 hour responses until a live agent can resume a chat. Conversational AI tools can also support call center agents in handling basic customer interactions in real-time when there are too many ongoing chats, while also documenting essential aspects of the customer journey and behaviour in the dashboard.

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This data can then be used by marketers and sales people to drive a more suitable approach in cases where there are cart abandonment issues.

Supports Product and Order Tracking Features More Seamlessly

Things aren’t as simple as placing an order online and waiting for its delivery anymore. Customers want constant updates as to where their product is at, whether there is a delay, if the product is damaged on the way and such other information in real-time.  A well-integrated conversational AI tool can allow users to track their deliveries and products while also ensuring that they get this information they desire without burdening live agents.

A virtual agent can actually help live agents anticipate delays and give them prompts as to when their contribution is needed to save an ongoing order.

Especially Useful to Drive Demand Forecasting Efforts During Holiday Rush

It’s time for online businesses and eCommerce brands to prep for the holiday rush. Conversational AI can prove handy here in not just analyzing customer interactions but to drive future forecasting efforts. The data that is stored in these dashboards can enable brands to understand what could have been better or what went wrong during cart abandonment.

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