HubSpot Announces Integration with Workplace by Facebook

HubSpot CRM Connects HubSpot-Integration With Workplace by Facebook

HubSpot, a leading CRM, customer experience, sales and marketing platform announced the launch of a new integration with Workplace by Facebook. The new integration helps with delivering notifications directly from HubSpot to Workplace so that sales representatives never miss a step.

Sales reps usually manage many channels and it stretches them thin — this makes it difficult to engage in rapidly incoming engagements. With new productivity channels being omnipresent, it will become harder for sales reps to operatively cleave their attention. In fact, according to a report from HubSpot Research, sales reps only spend about 34% of their day actually selling. With the new HubSpot-Workplace integration, sales reps need not be spending valuable time switching between platforms. The information will be at their disposal, exactly when needed.

Brad Coffey - Image
Brad Coffey

“Facebook’s social technology revolutionized how people connect, and we’re excited about what that same technology can bring to the business world,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot. “By integrating with Workplace, we’re able to unite the tools our customers use, save them time, and help them increase productivity. In sales, every minute of the day is valuable, and this integration is going to make sure that reps never miss a valuable opportunity.”

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Anand Dass

“At Workplace, we aim to enable the future of work and collaboration by helping people do more while doing less,” said Anand Dass, Partnerships at Facebook. “Through integrations like ours with HubSpot, Workplace can bring together the business tools people use every day, into one central place.”

The integration helps sales reps receive notifications within Workplace when triggered by team members or lead members at HubSpot. Every notification carries a link that brings the sales rep immediately to HubSpot so as to close the deal.

This move is the latest one in HubSpot’s partnership with Facebook.  Most recently, the company was named a Badged Facebook Marketing Partner and it released several other Facebook Integrations like Lead Ads and Lookalike Audience Ads, Facebook Messenger and Facebook and Instagram Publishing integrations.

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