Medallia Supports Schneider Electric in Boosting Customer Satisfaction with Real-Time, Personalized Insights for Employees

Empowering employees with personalized customer insights helps drive significant improvements to the customer experience with Medallia

Medallia, Inc., the global leader in customer and employee experience has partnered with Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and industrial automation, to remodel the way Schneider Electric captures, measures, and manages customer satisfaction. With a focus on customer centricity, Schneider Electric has found new and innovative ways to support customer journey and customer satisfaction efforts by redesigning how they look at customer journeys and how they optimize them with the introduction of personalized dashboards for employees.

Schneider Electric is dedicated to fostering a customer-centric culture. To achieve their mission, they are empowering employees to clearly see real-time and personalized insights so everyone can work toward the greater goal of consistently improving the customer experience.

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“We believe being a customer-first organization starts with our employees,” said Agustin Lopez Diaz, SVP Global Customer Satisfaction & Quality at Schneider Electric. “We can now provide personalized insights to our team and allow each employee to visualize relevant results on their scope of work. With a clear guide to what customers want, our employees are able to improve customer experience as well as the customer journey.”

With the help of Medallia, Schneider Electric has achieved holistic insight into the customer experience, allowing teams to identify and act on key opportunities to improve customer satisfaction. Improvements seen across this business include:

  • Gaining a holistic view of each customer journey that includes all interactions across all customer touchpoints
  • Deploying a comprehensive training program for employees to better understand the customer journey and the customer persona through coaching
  • Quickly closing the loop on topics raised by customers

“Insights and action are mission-critical for companies looking to improve customer experience,” said Leslie Stretch, CEO at Medallia. “Schneider Electric has clearly prioritized understanding their customers’ needs and taking action to improve customer experience, while empowering their employees to learn more about the customer pain points. As an innovator in the space, we are excited to see how Schneider Electric continues to improve the customer experience even further.”

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