NICE Introduces the Next Leap in CX, Creating Frictionless Experiences Beyond the Contact Center with Customer Experience Interactions (CXi)

With a comprehensive set of digital and CCaaS assets, NICE CXone creates frictionless, end-to-end experiences from the digital doorstep across the entire customer journey

NICE today announced the next leap in customer experience (CX) with the introduction of Customer Experience Interactions (CXi), a new framework delivered through a unified suite of applications on the CXone platform. CXi empowers organizations to intelligently meet their customers wherever their journey begins, enables resolution through AI and data driven self-service and prepares agents to successfully resolve any customer needs event.

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“We are living through expedited cycles of technology innovation and adoption, leading to the constant creation of new consumer expectations”

CXi offers a comprehensive approach to bridge the gap between today’s consumer expectations and organizations’ delivery of extraordinary experiences. Redefining the way organizations engage and interact with customers, CXi provides the industry’s only combination of CCaaS, WFO, Analytics, AI and Digital Self-Service based on CXone, the world’s leading cloud native CX platform. This creates smart, connected, self-service and human assisted interactions across the entire customer journey.

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CXi is delivered through the seamless integration of several core capabilities as part of the CXone platform:

  • Digital entry point solutions that enable giving customers a smart beginning to their journey right at that digital doorstep, such as at their Internet search, and by getting customers the right content, guiding them to find what they are looking for, and interacting proactively rather than waiting for them to initiate the journey.
  • Full journey orchestration solutions that connect and route customers across their entire journey in a way that’s seamless, consistent and smart, combining digital channels, voice, self-service and agent-assist as one.
  • Smart self-service capabilities that enable organizations to build intelligent automated conversations based on data that indicates what customers want and how they express it. This comes with the ability to find and deliver the right content and resolutions to customer needs.
  • Prepared contact center agents that are engaged in real-time, knowledgeable and empowered so they can create the most hyper-personalized, unique interactions that delight customers and resolve issues quickly.
  • Complete performance solutions based on NICE’s leading suite of WFO, Analytics and VOC solutions to help understand, analyze and improve journeys, continuously improving customer experiences.

At the core of CXi is Enlighten AI, NICE’s unique CX-focused and purpose-built AI engine. Based on CX conversation dates, Enlighten AI provides specific predictions, decisions and actions for a variety of relevant use cases, from smarter forecasting through agent soft-skills behaviors and all the way to predicting CSAT.

“We are living through expedited cycles of technology innovation and adoption, leading to the constant creation of new consumer expectations,” said Paul Jarman, NICE CXone CEO. “In fact, customer expectations will change more in the next five years than they have in the previous 15 years. The traditional service approach misses the full journey and set of customer needs. Owning every digital doorstep and mastering each of them to provide meaningful experiences to customers is not only an incredible engine for meaningful disruption and market differentiation but is also crucial for true customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Today, we are driving a new CX standard powered by CXone that unifies all interactions in one, smart platform.”

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