Hammerspace and Seagate Collaborate to Deliver End-to-End Bundled Solutions Through Climb Channel Solutions

Simplifying the Unification of Data from Edge to Data Center to Cloud

Hammerspace, the pioneer of the global data environment, is collaborating with Seagate Technology Holdings plc to provide bundles that simplify the deployment of global data solutions for data-centric businesses that constantly collect, generate and manage obscure and large data sets from sources such as company networks, employee or customer personal devices, and the connected Internet of Things (IoT). The bundles are provided through Climb Channel Solutions with special pricing for deals booked by March 31, 2022. The bundles include the software, edge hardware or cloud capacity needed to present data at the edge, in the data center and in the cloud in a single global file system.

The new bundles allow users to access their data from anywhere in the world — no matter whether on primary storage or in the cloud — while staying unified in a single global file system. Seagate and Hammerspace provide the maximum elasticity for customers to have total data control and experience true multi-cloud freedom with powerful, end-to-end, hybrid-cloud storage capabilities, smart data orchestration and infinite scalability. Data-placement policies between multiple on-premises storage systems and Seagate’s storage-as-a-service (STaaS) Lyve™ Cloud platform are entirely transparent as a background operation. Users simply see their data in their applications or at the same mount point as always, whether the files are still on primary storage or have moved to secondary storage or the cloud.

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Bundle Components

  • Seagate ExosCORVAULT: The leading price/performance SAS storage system supporting petabytes of capacity with self-healing, mass-capacity block storage designed to deliver hyperscale efficiencies, rapid deployment, and streamlined data orchestration that delivers value, performance and data protection.
  • Seagate Lyve Cloud: A simple, trusted, and efficient object storage solution for mass capacity storage and data workloads. It is delivered as STaaS with predictable economics to deliver multi-cloud, multi-region freedom with no ingress, egress or hidden fees.
  • Hammerspace Global Data Environment: Software-defined, parallel global file system, data management and orchestration

Bundle Details

Bundle #1 – “Starting at the Edge” Bundle

  • Seagate Exos CORVAULT: 2.12 PB raw
    • 1-year subscription
    • 7×24 support
  • Hammerspace Global Data Environment: 1.7PB managed capacity
    • 1-year subscription
    • Installation included
    • 7×24 support

Bundle #2 – “Adding the Cloud” Bundle

  • Seagate Lyve Cloud capacity: 250TB
    • No long-term commitment required
    • 7×24 support
  • Hammerspace Global Data Environment: 1.7PB managed capacity
    • 1-year subscription
    • Installation included
    • 7×24 support

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Bundle Benefits

  • Enable the hybrid cloud with seamless data access to any system and cloud
  • Workload optimization, flexible data placement and orchestration
  • Seamlessly combines on-premises and cloud storage
  • High-performance and limitless data storage
  • Eliminate data silos
  • Simple and predictable public cloud pricing with no ingress or egress fees
  • High-performance, scalable, self-healing and five-9s durability low-cost storage for on-premises environments
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