TransUnion Announces Improved Health Audiences to Power Effective Advertising on Connected TV and Streaming Audio

New partnership with Veeva Crossix helps health brands improve targeting across streaming media

TransUnion announced the inclusion of high-demand health audiences from Veeva Crossix in its TruAudience Data Marketplace. Veeva Crossix is a top healthcare data provider and leader in health audience segments. The addition of this data will support more effective campaigns across streaming platforms.

The announcement comes at a time when pharmaceutical and medical advertising is flourishing, ranked second among advertising verticals in 2021 with $5.6 billion spent in the U.S. With Veeva Crossix data now available in the TruAudience Data Marketplace, advertisers can target across direct-to-consumer (DTC) and healthcare provider (HCP) segments, delivering tailored ads that resonate with consumers and HCPs.

The engine at the center of the TruAudience Data Marketplace is a deterministically grounded, three-dimensional view of identity that connects households, people, and devices across 80 million-plus U.S. connected homes — nearly all adults and residences in the country. Veeva Crossix Audience Segments are the industry’s most widely used, data-driven segments that help brands reach relevant health audiences at scale.

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“As consumers spend more of their time streaming content, the demand for health advertisers to reach their audiences across streaming media has dramatically increased,” said Michelle Swanston, vice president in TransUnion’s media and entertainment business and head of data marketplace at TransUnion. “Our collaboration with Veeva Crossix enables best-in-class data for direct and programmatic marketing across connected TV and streaming audio with unprecedented scale.”

The solution provides the actionable and scalable data that health advertisers want in order to realize the promise of streaming media — improved targeting efficiency and maximized ROI reaching more of the right homes, consumers, and HCPs across a myriad of devices.

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“Streaming video and audio are pivotal channels for health brands looking to reach and engage with precise audiences,” said Jeremy Mittler, head of Veeva Crossix Audience Segments at Veeva. “According to our Trends in Health Advertising Report, streaming video now accounts for 8% of Veeva Crossix clients’ digital media mix and streaming audio impressions have grown 61% year-over-year. Now 500 Veeva Crossix health audience segments — including syndicated and custom models — are available in the TruAudience Data Marketplace.”

“At iHeartMedia we’ve seen a real increase in pharma advertisers active in audio between 2022 vs. 2021,” said Brian Kaminsky, Chief Data Officer for iHeartMedia. “The ability to partner with TransUnion to apply segments from these go-to healthcare data providers in the TruAudience Data Marketplace, like Veeva Crossix, has accelerated audio adoption by allowing our advertising partners to transact with audio as they would with other digital media across every audio channel including broadcast radio, streaming and podcasting.”

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