New Updates to Tune Links Delivers A Refined Path to Cross-Channel Attribution

Enhanced Linking Technology, Together with Powerful Attribution Analytics, Enables Marketers to Measure and Manage Omnichannel Marketing Performance

TUNE has announced at Postback new updates to TUNE Links. TUNE Links is a powerful solution that connects, routes, and measures marketing activities across audience touchpoints with a single measurement link. At the time of this announcement, Dan Koch, Chief Technical Officer at TUNE, said, “Links are the ultimate gateway for marketers, advertisers, networks, and publishers alike to drive performance for their brands.”

TUNE Links guide
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Dan added, “Great links ensure your customer has the best possible experience while connecting marketing efforts directly to performance outcomes across all channels. As such, TUNE Links are a paramount part of any marketer’s tool suite.”

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With Tune Links, Marketers Have a Better Track of How Customers Are Interacting with Multiple Touchpoints

With the evolution of the smartphone and the rise of multi-device usage, the modern customer journey extends across more screens, platforms, and digital channels than ever before. Users can begin a journey in an email on one device and finish it by making a purchase on another, along the way interacting with multiple touchpoints.

For marketers, understanding interactions throughout the customer journey are mission-critical and impossible to do today in a single measurement system.

TUNE Links solves this fundamental disconnect by unifying cross-channel and cross-device marketing efforts via a single, platform-agnostic measurement link capable of delivering customers to preferred experiences while maintaining accurate tracking and attribution data.

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Unlike existing solutions, TUNE Links helps marketers direct customers to preferred experiences regardless of platform, all while capturing measurement information critical to maximizing ROI. For example, when a customer clicks a TUNE Link they are intelligently routed to any number of desired locations, from websites to apps, online shopping carts, app stores, or specific pages deep linked within an app.

By using TUNE Links, marketers, advertisers, ad networks, and publishers are able to unify marketing efforts while conducting granular lifetime value and attribution measurement. Specifically, TUNE Links helps customers:

  • Conduct cross-channel attribution in conjunction with TUNE Attribution Analytics to measure the influence and value of digital touchpoints throughout the customer journey.
  • Eliminate the need for platform-specific tracking links for the web, iOS, Android, and FireOS. One TUNE Link can contain everything required to measure and route users to the correct destination across all platforms.
  • Easily create deep links and deferred deep links that route to the optimal experience and reduce customer friction points for new and returning users.
  • Improve the customer experience with context-aware routing from the web to app, or the web to an app store, or web to a shopping cart, all while maintaining measurement information.
  • Design flexible bridge pages to enable customers to choose the most appropriate destination and be routed accordingly. Bridge pages enable marketers and advertisers to set up a single campaign with multiple destinations, from an app to the web, to app store to ensure the best customer experience.
  • Ensure the right experience and destination for every user in every situation with support for link wrapping of both Universal Links and App Links.

TUNE Links will be fully available to all TUNE customers at no additional cost in August 2018. Currently, TUNE helps performance marketers and advertising partners maximize their ROI through powerful measurement and partner management solutions. Our mobile and performance marketing solutions are trusted by the world’s biggest brands, ad networks, and ad platforms to tie marketing investments to measurable outcomes.

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