Seismic Rolls Out Fast and Flexible Deployment Options

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Seismic Now Offers Accelerated Implementation Programs So Customers Can Start Seeing Benefits in as Few as Five Days

Seismic, the market leader for sales enablement platforms, has rolled out accelerated implementation programs so companies can deploy Seismic’s award-winning SaaS platform in as few as five business days.

Seismic created the implementation programs based on experience onboarding more than 750 customers. The result includes tools such as easy to follow implementation templates and checklists designed to get customers up and running with Seismic as quickly as possible. Supported by a customer success team of more than 250 people, the programs provide a foundation for customers to continue getting more value out of Seismic as their business requirements grow and evolve.

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Out-of-date sales and marketing content and content findability are major issues plaguing companies today. Seismic centralizes content such that it can be accessed anywhere and from any device, while also ensuring each client-facing employee is presented with content most relevant to them. In as little as five days, companies can now realize these benefits.

“At MRP, we want to create the most sophisticated and intelligent experience for enterprise class sales and marketing professionals and this goal ultimately led us to Seismic,” said Mariam Safi, Senior Marketing Manager, MRP. “Thanks to Seismic’s seamless onboarding process, MRP was able to quickly capitalize on Seismic’s insights and intelligence throughout the sales process. The Seismic customer success team ensured we were getting the most out of the tool right away, even hosting office hours over the phone in which our new users could ask questions and learn best practices from a Seismic expert.”

“Sales enablement success means different things for different companies. One size does not fit all,” said Doug Winter, CEO and Co-Founder, Seismic. “Seismic’s customer success team has unparalleled knowledge on implementation approaches for companies across a variety of sizes and industries. When you pair that experience with Seismic’s robust learning program, Seismic University, customers can expect to see sales enablement making an impact on their business for years into the future.”

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Seismic Content Access, Analytics, and Automation

Seismic ensures that sales and marketing content is quickly and easily findable by the employees who need it most. Marketing and sales enablement teams can surface personalized content recommendations and news items for each seller and sales team. Content analytics show how clients and prospects are engaging with content and how sellers are using content to be successful. Salespeople can customize content based on what they know is working and can also bring in colleagues to collaborate, resulting in the best experience possible for buyers.

One area in which companies have successfully scaled their enablement program is through automating important pieces of data-heavy content that are regularly shared with clients, such as pitchbooks, proposals, factsheets, and client reviews. With Seismic, these can be made into templates that are pre-approved by marketing or compliance with specific fields that salespeople can customize. In this way, even complex content can be personalized quickly and easily, without the risk of it being uncompliant or off-brand.

“Seismic is an elegant solution that has made Bailard more self-sufficient and effective,” said Erin Randolph, Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Client Services, Bailard, Inc. “Even with a simple example, prior to Seismic, we were manually updating AUM in over a dozen different places for quarterly reporting. Seismic now allows us to upload the data just once, so we can focus our small marketing team on more strategic activities.”

“It was seamless to get up and running with Seismic,” continued Randolph. “Our customer success team worked closely with us to understand our business and show us the potential of data automation. We also recently opened a second office and celebrated 50 years in business. As we grow as a firm, there will be more ways we can expand with Seismic and enjoy more efficiencies. The sky is the limit.”

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