Conversion Tracking With Refersion Now Available on Captiv8

What: Through this new integration, marketers can now manage all aspects of their influencer marketing campaigns, including affiliate conversion tracking, in a single workflow. There is no longer the need to keep separate spreadsheets with influencer activations, data silos with influencer payment information, or manual reporting for each influencer. The integration brings together disparate information from an influencer campaign, reports on the relevant metrics automatically, and allows marketers to analyze the performance and efficacy of each influencer activated.

Who:   Captiv8, the largest AI-Powered Branded Content Platform, connects brands to digital influencers to tell powerful stories. Marketers leverage the platform to discover creators, manage influencer offers, content approvals, campaigns, and payments, and measure results. At the core of the platform is its reporting features, which provides real-time audience data across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and now Refersion.

Refersion, the leading performance marketing platform, helps brands track online sales driven by ambassadors, influencers, and affiliates. Refersion makes it easy for marketers to manage and track their  influencer campaigns. The solution was built for marketers and provides a simple, all-in-one interface and quickly integrates with all ecommerce platforms.

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Quotes: “Integrating data sources and assisting in discovering quality influencers is a 

fantastic value-add for customers. I’m excited for our new partnership and integration 

with Captiv8 and look forward to helping our merchants discover what’s possible”. – 

Erik Swanson, Director of Customer Success at Refersion

“One of my biggest pain points in gathering month- and quarter-end data was jumping between platforms and manually grabbing data. With the Captiv8 and Refersion integration, I have everything I need in one platform, so it makes it much more efficient and less time consuming for me when I am gathering influencer and affiliate performance data.” – Sierra O’Toole, Marketing Manager, Partnerships & Influencers at Primal Kitchen

“With the Influencer ecosystem constantly evolving, marketers have been searching for a scalable and accurate reporting solution to track affiliate sales. Our partnership with Refersion further allows Captiv8 to provide reporting at the deepest level. We are excited to kick this off with the Refersion team!” –  Krishna Subramanian, CEO & Co-Founder, Captiv8

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