Fobi Announces Joint Reseller Agreement with Leading Influencer Marketing Platform “XInfluence”

XInfluence is an industry-leading influencer & data platform servicing Tier 1 CPG (FMCG) Brands & Retailers including Unilever, Jamison Whiskey and Marks & Spencer.

Fobi AI Inc. , a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive operational efficiencies and profitability, today announced the signing of a joint Reseller partnership with XInfluence, one of the top Influencer platforms servicing some of the top Brands and Retailers in North America. Fobi will generate new line revenue by way of a mutual reseller partnership, whereby XInfluence will resell the Passcreator by Fobi Wallet pass platform to their current and future customers, and Fobi will resell the XInfluence media platform to their current and future customers. This announcement is very key and will immediately help to accelerate Fobi’s Affiliate and Influencer platform for Qples that was recently announced.


XInfluence provides an Influencer marketing platform for CPG brands that gives them access to over 2.5 million influencers and celebrities in the XInfluencer database. Brands can then filter these influencers based on industry, age, credibility ranking (provided by a 3rd party service), and other key segmentation criteria to ensure that they are using the right influencers to reach the right audiences thereby maximizing the ROI for their influencer campaigns. Some of the brands that XInfluencer have worked with include Unilever, Jamison Whisky and Vodaphone.

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The integration of Passcreator by Fobi’s Wallet pass platform with the XInfluencer Marketing Platform enables brands to not just gain access to their selected influencer’s audience, but also to gain visibility into campaign attribution and return on investment. By enabling the connection of online promotions to online and offline commerce, brands are able to determine how effective their campaigns were at driving revenue and tracking the impact of their campaigns on customer lifetime value. In addition, Passcreator wallet passes help create a more direct connection for the brand with the influencers’ followers by enabling messaging from the brand direct to the followers. The ability for a brand to send a message to the influencer’s followers’ mobile lock screens when they are near a store that carries their products and encourage them to purchase at a bricks and mortar store and then be able to measure the impact of the campaign on sales is incredibly unique and valuable.

XInfluence CEO Mark Wright stated “This partnership with Fobi is very exciting as it gives us the ability to help our clients with a new way to deliver offers to the right people at the right time and place through Wallet passes. On top of this, the ability to drive people to convert offline and provide improved attribution and ROI data makes this a very unique and compelling solution for our brand customers.”

Fobi CEO Rob Anson stated “This agreement provides Fobi with both an industry leading channel reseller partner and a major catalyst in our sales cycle with global CPG brands. From a solutions point of view, our combined capabilities will deliver an unprecedented digital activation capability for both major brands and retailers resulting in significantly improved promotions, attribution and ROI. It also provides a whole new path of untapped opportunity for enabling the combination of retail data intelligence and social influencer marketing via our wallet passes. We expect this partnership to deliver meaningful new top-line revenue for Fobi and our shareholders.”

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