Influencer Marketing Software Soon to Be a Part of Every CMO’s Stack

CEO of Leading Influencer Marketing Company Predicts that Every B2C CMO Will Start Implementing a Full-Fetched, End-To-End-Solution Soon

Last month, German influencer marketing company InfluencerDB announced their expansion into the US. The martech company, which caters to the biggest brands including Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz, Asics, Cluse, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, and more, will now lead influencer marketing efforts in the US.

“As marketing professionals learn more about the wide array of use cases for influencer marketing, I am confident that we will see influencer marketing software as a part of every CMO’s stack.” – InfluencerDB CEO

At the time of this announcement, we spoke to Robert Levenhagen, CEO, Co-Founder of InfluencerDB, to better understand their roadmap for the US market, their customers and how they are dealing with GDPR.

Robert Levenhagen, CEO & Co-Founder, InfluencerDB
Robert Levenhagen, CEO & Co-Founder, InfluencerDB

How did you prepare your marketing and sales team to expand into the US?

We’ve been very lucky to find some of the most experienced sales representatives in influencer marketing to lead our US expansion efforts. We are incredibly excited to be able to offer our customers a thoughtful and consultative sales experience because we know how untransparent and confusing the influencer marketing software and services space looks for the American market.

With so many tools available that offer poor data quality and outdated analyses, the market is hungry for proven solutions. We are bringing Europe’s best practices to the market, combined with experienced and thoughtful sales, marketing and customer success teams on the ground.

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What new geographies and customer profiles are you aiming in the US?

We are particularly excited to work with companies like Equinox, who are implementing cutting-edge use cases in influencer marketing. In Europe, our most successful customers are the customers who are most interested in monitoring the long-term results of their influencer relationships and creating company-wide processes that allow growing influencer marketing to scale, such as Daniel Wellington, H&M, Asics, Mercedes Benz and Huawei. We are looking to continue to partner with customers who fit this profile.

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How do you see Influencer Marketing technologies becoming a part every B2C CMO’s tech stack?

When we look at bleeding-edge adopters, we see that the first adopters were those teams who are implementing influencer marketing in a silo. But we know that mainstream adoption of influencer marketing will depend on the ability of marketing teams to integrate it into already existing marketing strategies and to use it to address every entry point into the marketing funnel.

As marketing professionals learn more about the wide array of use cases for influencer marketing, I am confident that we will see influencer marketing software as a part of every CMO’s stack.

While every CMO by now knows about Influencer Marketing and its importance, we still see the majority of brands and companies not using the right, scientific data points to validate decisions as well as a lot of inefficiencies when it comes to setting up cross-department processes and consolidation of information. These issues can only be addressed by using the right technology. I believe in the next few years every B2C CMO will start implementing a full-fetched, end-to-end-solution for these challenges.

How are you preparing for the post-GDPR era? How do you intend to maintain your market in a tightened data ecosystem?

InfluencerDB is ready for GDPR, and we welcome this new era. Having grown up in Germany, famous for its privacy and data standards, achieving this level of data security was simply the next logical step forward for us. We are excited to be able to offer our customers GDPR-compliance whether they require it or not, and will be happy to do our party to help them achieve compliance if they operate in the European market as well.

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