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Influencer marketing trends and the rise of the creator economy are redefining a lot of the fundamentals for marketing and advertising teams. Catch this latest martech weekly highlight to stay updated on the latest martech news, innovations as well as marketing and martech tips and thoughts by the experts:



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Get to know your product inside and out. Understand, as best you can, the technology that powers it, the IP that drives its differentiation, and the value that the product delivers to the customer.  From the demand generation side of the house, I always recommend a marketing point of view that is very heavily revenue-focused. Long gone are the days when it was enough just to deliver warm leads – tracking value all the way through the marketing funnel is critical not only to confirming marketing value, but also in knowing what programs are really moving the needle for your business.

Christina Richards, CMO at Virtana

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MarTech Interview with Rob van Nuenen, Co-founder & CEO at Channable
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The future is custom, curated, advertising on an individual level. You can already see this being implemented. Have you ever just thought of something, let’s say a new chair, and the next thing you know you’re seeing chair ads! This level of customized and targeted advertising can only be achieved through automation and feed management. Recently, the privacy of this data has come into question so depending on the outcome, we could see technologies shift again. At least in terms of re-targeted ads. This has led many companies to create and offer useful information in exchange for contact information or permission to contact individuals. As these rules of engagement become more solidified, eCommerce will adapt accordingly. –Rob van Nuenen, Co-founder & CEO at Channable

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