The Era of Paid Social Media Promotions Has Just Begun

In 2018, Social Budgets Have Exceeded 30%, and the Ad Revenue Attributed to Social Media Is Set to Touch $51 Billion by the Year-End

Paid social media promotion is not just earned impressions, clicks, organic video views or farmed comments. It’s a conversation that is forged between real identities, offering a chance for every ad campaign to connect and expand audience reach for higher revenue.

Why This Suddenly Focus on Paid Social Media Promotions?

It has been a year of remarkable transformation for the social media industry, powered by intelligent content promotions that match customer preferences, tightened security standards, amplified video outreach and more. Social media advertising, in particular, continues to be a bankable opportunity for brands and marketing teams to churn more dollars from their campaigns.

In a blog at Sprout Social, we learn about one of the biggest challenges to social media success. “Time…”

Matt Tesmond, Product Marketer at Sprout Social, wrote, “Despite the growing importance of social advertising—particularly on Facebook and Instagram—marketers are still faced with a familiar nemesis. Time. With limited time and resources, oftentimes trade-offs are made between managing organic social efforts and optimizing through paid strategy. But this is short-sighted decision making.”

Climb the Success Ladder with Instagram Advertising

As marketers continue to rely on social media for higher engagement rates between brands and customers, customers themselves look to engage better and more at the various social platforms announcing their accomplishments and getting responses on their achievements. To further boost their social advertising, primarily on Facebook and Instagram, most marketers and influencers now rely on paid social promotions. In 2018, social budgets have exceeded 30%, and the ad revenue attributed to social media is set to touch $51 billion by the year-end. The numbers are only expected to grow as we move into 2019.

With Instagram and Facebook advertising, “Every ad is a chance to connect and expand your world.” Says, Sprout Social…

Earlier this month, Sprout Social announced the launch of their enhanced paid tools for Facebook and Instagram. The paid tools are offered to help marketing teams drive and deliver on real conversations with their audience.

What is Facebook Paid Promotion by Sprout Social?

Extend the impact of your social content. That’s the idea behind launching Paid Promotion tools for Facebook. The aim to reach new audiences through social media posts and reviews is a realistic vision that most marketing teams can achieve now in a much shorter time.

Facebook Paid Promotion, ad comment moderation and Sprout’s new Paid Performance Report for the Facebook Business Network are success catalyst for social media teams. Marketers, influencers, and social strategists could use these tools to design efficient workflows to make their ad campaigns more effective and drive authentic connection at ease.

Turn Your Top Performing Content into a Revenue Machine

Sprout Social’s new tools for paid social media promotions helps in a better content promotion, and to an extent, content discovery based on pre-built audience segmentation and campaign filters. These promoted posts present a fertile field for social media marketing teams to reach and engage with new people who could be interested in your brands but had no clue how to know more about it.

Matt mentioned, “With Sprout’s Paid Promotion for Facebook, you can quickly amplify top performing content or plan post promotions in the same workflow as your organic publishing. It’s easy to set spend and choose your pre-built audiences and campaigns pulled directly from Facebook Ads Manager.”

How to Leverage Sprout’s Paid Promotion Workflow

While clicks and conversions are the end goal of many ad strategies, the conversation is a critical component of any outcome.

Sprout Social offered their insights on how their paid social media promotion tools work for ad amplification.

  • The tools allow users to save ‘time’ by scheduling Promoted Posts. The user can also maintain a campaign organization right from the Compose window. Further, the workflow tool helps to easily track and manage any and al promoted posts alongside other organic content strategies within the Calendar List and Week Views.
Web Publishing Calendar-Month-View-Hover-Facebook-Boost
Web Publishing Calendar Month-View-Hover for Facebook Boost
  • The workflow manager also offers re-purpose content strategy for all the top-performing content by boosting published posts from the Sent Messages Report.

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What Can You Do More With Social Media Promotion Tools?

Streamlined Ad Comments on Social Messaging

Ads, irrespective of their interactive format, may not deliver that human touch every customer seeks. With Sprout’s Smart Inbox, users can deliver the human touch to every ad with a streamlined comments campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The ad comments tool helps to manage incoming messages on organic posts and maintain consistent brand voice and reputation.

Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns
Facebook and Instagram Ad Comments Smart Inbox, by Sprout Social
Building Conversation Roadmap with Contact Views

Marketers can embrace a spectacular visual dashboard on Sprout Social. The Instagram and Facebook Contact Views provide a detailed insight into how many times the customer has interacted with the brand and the chronology of each conversation.

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Paid Social Media Performance Reporting

What’s a campaign without the performance metric? Sprout Social provides a holistic insight into how the ad strategies have matured and how marketing teams can further optimize the ad campaigns to squeeze in a healthy conversation with the customer.

Paid Promotion on Facebook Post
Paid Promotion on Facebook Post

Sprout’s Paid Performance Report delivers near real-time insight enabling businesses to analyze campaign performance, highlight ROI and informs social advertising strategy decisions.

With so much happening on marketing attribution front, ensuring that your social media promotions are running at top efficiency only makes it easier to churn higher revenue and justify ROMI. With time-saving and real-time brand conversations, paid social media promotion tools could be your next step to driving efficient campaigns, to build a stronger audience base, and to drive realistic conversations for ad conversions.

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