5WPR Survey Reveals Facebook is the Most Used Social Media Platform among American Millennials

5W Public Relations, one of the top 15 independently-owned PR agencies in the U.S., has determined that Facebook is the most used social media platform in the nation across all age groups, including Millennials. As part of 5WPR’s 2020 Consumer Culture Report, the respondents were asked which social platform they check, post, comment or otherwise view daily. The results across all generations are as follows:

Facebook 65%
YouTube 39%
Instagram 37%
Twitter 32%
Snapchat 22%
Pinterest 21%
Reddit 18%
TikTok 13%

When broken down into age categories, 77% of Millennials surveyed said they are active on Facebook daily, with Instagram coming in second at 70%, followed by YouTube at 66%. Sixty-eight percent of Generation X are active on Facebook daily, followed by YouTube at 46% and Instagram at 39%. Lastly, 52% of Baby Boomers are active on Facebook daily, followed by YouTube at 12% and Twitter and Instagram tying for third at 9%.

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“Instagram’s rise in popularity over the past few years has led brands to invest heavily into ads and influencers on this platform, but our new data is going to have them re-thinking their social media strategies,” said Founder and CEO of 5WPR, Ronn Torossian. “As the most used social platform across all generations, there is still a huge opportunity to connect with customers on Facebook, and leverage its dominant clout.”

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The report goes on to deeper illustrate the role Facebook plays in consumerism with 67% of Millennials, 48% of Gen X and 22% of Boomers agreeing that their purchase decisions are influenced by someone they follow on the platform.

The data in 5WPR’s Consumer Culture Report was collected from an online survey that ran from November 13 to 18, 2019 by MARU/Matchbox on behalf of 5WPR. The survey was conducted among a nationally representative sample of N=1001 American adults aged 18+. The report includes unique consumer statistics on industries, buying behaviors by generation, social media marketing, corporate image, brand activism and more.

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