Flipside Launches DAO Tool Already in Use by On-Chain Organizations

Flipside, a leading blockchain ecosystem growth and analytics company, launched Badger, the Web3 organization key solution

Badger allows organizations to give contributors and employees keys to Web3, allowing them to deploy and manage flexible group policies for their team’s decentralized tool stack. Badger offers on-chain organizations a permissions primitive designed to support every use case, including launching new DAOs or other organizations, delegating permissions, and distributing badges, all with no code required.

“There was a gap in the tooling market. We needed the ability to issue, revoke, and forfeit badges, delegate badge issuance and revoking permissions, and assign off-chain identities,” reflected Drake Danner, Senior Operations Manager, Flipside Crypto. “With this gap remaining in the market, it seemed obvious to fill it — that’s where Badger was born.”

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How It Works

Badger allows you to issue Badges representing tiered access gates within your organization.

An organization can immediately integrate Badger with the entire suite of on-chain organization tooling available in the broader ecosystem. Many of the tools available for on-chain organizations offer layered permission through token-gating, but with Badger, organizations issue Badges representing tiered access gates. By representing these permission levels with NFTs, the organization can immediately integrate with the entire suite of on-chain organization tooling available in the broader ecosystem

Badger is already in use at MetricsDAO and several other DAOs and other Web3 organizations.

“Historically, badges have been little more than a way to flex one’s collection,” remarked Chance Herriage, developer at Flipside Crypto. “But they can be much more than meaningless memorabilia jpegs…With the introduction of Badger, every on-chain organization and individual can enjoy the benefits of an improved badging ecosystem, on-chain access policy, and organization management tool.”

The Badger launch comes on the heels of Flipside’s recent $50 million Series A funding round led by Republic Capital and supported by True Ventures, Galaxy Digital Ventures, Dapper Labs, and 14 other venture capital firms. Flipside is using the investment to grow its workforce, accelerate product roadmaps, and launch more bounty programs that help L1 and L2 blockchains to develop, acquire and retain users.

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