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JotForm’s New Slack Integration Helps Teams Respond Faster

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JotForm has announced its new integration for Slack, a top collaboration tool. The integration will help teams be more efficient by streamlining their workflow. The JotForm and Slack integration automatically notifies specific channels or individuals in Slack when a form is submitted. This cuts out unnecessary steps, such as having to check email for a form response, and makes it easy to keep track of all submissions.

At the time of this announcement, Aytekin Tank, JotForm’s founder and CEO, spoke to MarTech Series. Here is the full version of our chat. 

Tell us about your recent announcement with Slack. How would it help Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support teams manage their workflow?

Workflows can be clunky, especially when collecting information. Our integration for Slack automates teams’ workflows by instantly sending a notification to a channel or teammate in their Slack workspace when a form is submitted. This integration takes out the extra step of checking email for submissions; now teams can have their work all in one place.

Is your recent integration with Slack connected to your acquisition of the site Noupe in 2018?

It’s not connected. Our acquisition of Noupe was a way to enrich and expand our content for our diverse user base of small businesses, nonprofits, educational institutes, and more.

You recently announced 5 million customers. How do you deliver on Customer Experience and Success benchmarks to these many customers?

Passing the 5 million user mark was a huge milestone for us. We’ve been fortunate to grow our user base slowly and steadily, so it hasn’t been too much trouble keeping up with support requests and ensuring we can deliver the best Customer Experience possible.

We found that a lot of users ask similar questions, so one thing we do is make our support inquiries public so users can see the solutions that our support team crafts for other users. We also offer the option for private support if a user prefers that.

How are form builders transforming the way businesses do Email Marketing and Sales?

Form builders transform information collection. Too many times, companies collect emails and leads by hand, do manual data entry, and hope that it’s all correct. There’s lots of room for human error and mistakes.

But with online forms, this entire process is streamlined — teams can collect this information from a tablet or mobile phone and send the form via email. Once the form is filled out and submitted, all the data funnels into their email service or CRM of choice. It saves an incredible amount of time and energy.

How do you plan to integrate this integration with CRMs, ABM, and Customer Data Platforms?

JotForm has 100+ integrations with top data platforms and CRMs — such as HubSpot, Airtable, and Salesforce — for companies to choose from. The functionality for multiple integrations is already available, so teams can optimize their workflow according to their needs.

What challenges do you foresee in the Form Builder technology?

Keeping the technology fresh and interesting is always a challenge. But forms are here to stay. For our part, we want to keep offering the easiest way for businesses to collect the information they depend on.

What are the opportunities for young Marketing professionals who may want to join JotForm? What kind of culture do you promote in your Marketing and Sales team?

We’re always adding Marketing professionals who look at things a little differently, and our team is growing. We’re currently hiring for a Community Marketing Associate position in our San Francisco office. Our Marketing and Sales team culture promotes autonomy, continuous learning, creativity, and a solid work ethic. Teams turn to JotForm and Slack to make their work easier. The JotForm integration with Slack creates an organized and efficient system for businesses to collaborate and get quick access to important information.

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JotForm is known for its feature-rich, easy-to-use Form Builder. Each form is fully customizable and can be shared through a standalone link or embedded on a website. The Form Builder is used across the globe by small businesses, nonprofits, educational institutes, and more.

This integration was developed based on user requests. Some common use cases include generating leads, handling customer support inquiries, and managing internal requests.

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Individuals need to have both JotForm and Slack accounts to get started. Once the integration is set up, form responses will be sent directly to Slack as notifications. To try the JotForm and Slack integration, visit JotForm’s App Directory.

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