Kixie PowerCall Announces Unique Status as the Only HubSpot Solutions Partner and App Partner in Its Space

Kixie now holds the unique status of being the only HubSpot-integrated phone system to be both a HubSpot Solutions Partner and a HubSpot App Partner

HubSpot integrated dialer for sales and customer service teamsKixie, the popular calling and texting solution for sales teams and other customer-facing organizations, announced today that it is now an official Solutions Partner of HubSpot. Kixie has been a HubSpot App Partner since 2017, but this development makes Kixie the only App Partner in its space to also be a HubSpot Solutions Partner.

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All sales and support agents at Kixie are HubSpot Certified, and Kixie’s team of dedicated Solutions Engineers have extensive experience customizing HubSpot for top-performing sales teams across all industries. Kixie is also fully integrated with HubSpot Workflows, allowing users to create automated texting, calling and email workflows as well as trigger HubSpot Workflows from within the Kixie dialer.

About the Kixie & HubSpot Partnership

Kixie automatically logs calls, SMS messages, call outcomes, and notes in HubSpot, and automatically creates new contacts in HubSpot when dialing or receiving a call from a new number. The platform also includes productivity features such as automatic voicemail drops, SMS templates, click-to-call and Kixie’s unique local presence feature ConnectionBoost.

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ConnectionBoost is an advanced form of local presence dialing which uses real phone numbers in all 477 North American area codes, cycling between dozens of real numbers in every area code to optimize pickup rates. This makes Kixie’s local presence 100% compliant with FCC and TCPA regulations.

Through this integration, Kixie is creating an efficient system for sales and support teams to manage their customer interactions and optimize workflows across multiple communication channels. Kixie’s voice and SMS capabilities are available for all versions of HubSpot CRM.

➤ Voice & SMS Automation: Supercharge HubSpot into an automated sales machine with intelligent autodialing and automated SMS.
➤ HubSpot Power Dialer: Use Kixie’s voicemail drop, ConnectionBoost, local presence, and 1-click dialing and texting right within HubSpot.
➤ Automatically Log Calls, SMS, and Outcomes in HubSpot: Kixie automatically logs all incoming and outgoing calls with lifetime call recordings, SMS messages, and voicemails within HubSpot.

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