Threedium and SharpEnd Announce Partnership to Get Consumer Brands ‘Metaverse Ready’ With Digital Twins And Connected Products

U.K-based technology innovators, SharpEnd and Threedium, are bringing together their leading proprietary technology solutions to enable brands to offer ‘Metaverse ready’ connected experiences. These experiences include unlocking digital twins of physical products with a simple tap or scan of integrated QR and/or NFC. Brands can now easily tokenize products and activate storytelling 3D/AR amongst many other applications.

The two companies have already collaborated to create connected PUMA sneakers that each came with an associated digital twin and rich storytelling experience. The PUMA sneakers were unlocked via integrated NFC into the products, a technique SharpEnd is globally recognized for across many industries as brands incorporate ‘product as media’ (connected packaging). The combination of Threedium’s 3D Engine with SharpEnd’s connected experience studio, along with SharpEnd’s proprietary connected packaging platform – enables brands to add digital product inventories as NFTs.

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Together, SharpEnd and Threedium now provide:

  • Fast and scalable asset creation of 3D/AR digital twins as NFTs
  • Metaverse-ready product representations for avatars
  • Seamless AR (Augmented Reality) experiences bringing digital products into the physical world, such virtual try-on experiences
  • Comprehensive product and experience analytics via SharpEnd’s proprietary platform dashboards – the industry standard SaaS platform for brand owners deploying connected products

Mike Charalambous, CEO of Threedium said, “Our partnership with SharpEnd represents the future of 3D metacommerce and the Internet of Things coming together to blend the digital and the physical. We are forging a new path for digital ownership as brands begin selling their products as NFTs in the physical world and in the Metaverse.”

Cameron Worth, founder and CEO of SharpEnd said, “We have been intentionally pragmatic – some might call it slow – on all things Metaverse until the landscape settled. We have always backed Threedium to win in the next phase of the internet as a web3 pioneer. Their solutions are already delivering business and brand value, and bringing our established brand and global clients to the party will only make things easier for credible deployments across ‘physical to digital’ as we embrace this weird new world.”

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