OpenAP Introduces new OpenAP Data Hub to Power the Future of Television Advertising with Snowflake

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New cross-platform and cross-publisher clean room solution will be built on Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud

OpenAP Data Hub will be developed in phases to provide publishers and advertisers access to rich cross-platform data for more effective planning, targeting and measurement of TV advertising campaigns

OpenAP, the advanced advertising company bringing simplicity and scale to audience-based campaigns in television, today announced a new strategic partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to develop OpenAP Data Hub, a new cross-platform and cross-publisher clean room solution for the television industry built on Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud. OpenAP Data Hub will give publishers and advertisers access to rich, cross-platform data in privacy-compliant environments to power more effective audiences for targeting and measurement. OpenAP will release the first of several planned capabilities for production use at the start of Broadcast Year 2023.

The OpenAP Data Hub will be the central destination for cross-publisher and cross-platform campaign data and analysis. The solution will enable access to the OpenID spine and TV data appended to the spine, including OpenAP demographic audiences, custom audiences and OpenID exposure data.

“Enabling data-rich, cross-platform advertising that is relevant to how consumers are viewing video today requires the resolution of viewership data across multiple environments. The future of advertising must be built on top of powerful clean room technology to perform at the massive scale of TV. Together with Snowflake, we are designing an ecosystem for TV advertising that is open and interoperable, all while protecting the privacy of viewer data,” said OpenAP CEO David Levy.

OpenAP Data Hub will adopt a develop-and-release cadence to build out the clean room solution and capabilities needed by core constituents, including TV publishers, cross-platform measurement providers, agencies, brands, and audience and attribution data providers, who are looking to run targeted advertising campaigns that preserve a high standard of consumer data privacy and governance. The phase one release scheduled for October of 2022 will enable the seamless sharing of proprietary digital exposure data resolved to OpenIDs with authorized advertisers and advertiser systems, with NBCUniversal, Paramount, Fox and Warner Brothers Discovery the first to participate.

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The new clean room solution for the television industry will be built on Snowflake and will include bespoke environments for publishers, data and measurement companies as well as marketers. Pre-built native Snowflake functions will make it easier and faster to upload and distribute data, facilitating more effective cross-publisher and cross-platform planning, targeting and measurement in privacy-safe environments.

“Our partnership with OpenAP will empower publishers and advertisers with the cross-platform capability they need to execute and measure privacy-based, targeted advertising campaigns,” said Bill Stratton, Global Head of Media, Entertainment and Advertising Vertical, Snowflake. “Our work together integrating the OpenAP Data Hub with the Media Data Cloud will set a new standard for cross platform advertising and collaboration in this new age of data and privacy.”

“Cross-screen viewership has meant that campaign data must be seamlessly matched across multiple devices and doing this at scale for advertisers requires data sets to be matched between multiple parties fast and securely. By creating the OpenAP Data Hub as the TV clean room solution, we are designing a future for advertising that will power relevant brand messages wherever consumers are viewing video without ever having to move or copy data for identity resolution and enrichment,” said Dan Callahan, SVP, data strategy and sales innovation at FOX; Krishan Bhatia, president & chief business officer at NBCUniversal; John Halley, chief operating officer, advertising revenue at Paramount; and Jim Keller, EVP, digital ad sales and advanced advertising at Warner Brothers Discovery, Inc. in a joint statement.

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