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Acxiom and GSTV Partner to Measure Impact of Video Advertising

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People-Based Measurement Solution Enables Advertisers to Evaluate Spend and Leverage Insights for Future Campaigns

Acxiom has announced its partnership with GSTV to provide advertisers with the people-based measurement that will effectively quantify the impact of video advertising delivered through GSTV.

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The partnership leverages Acxiom’s leading analytics practice and identity resolution technologies to connect audiences and transaction data in a privacy-compliant Safe Haven® environment for analysis of fuel station video advertising campaign performance. This solution allows marketers to better understand GSTV audiences to optimize campaign messaging and targeting decisions that ultimately enhance consumers’ experiences with the brands they love.

Marketers Can Now Measure GSTV Video Advertising Performance at a Granular Level

At the time of this announcement, Chandos Quill, VP of Global Data and Strategic Alliances at Acxiom, said, “The growth of non-traditional digital media channels has brought to light the need for more effective tools to measure campaign performance at the customer level.”

Analysis of billions of consumer purchases demonstrates that GSTV viewers spend significantly more across retailers, services, consumer goods and other sectors, following a fuel transaction.

Chandos added, “With this unique new offering from Acxiom and GSTV, marketers can now measure at a granular level how GSTV campaigns contribute to key performance indicators, such as customer acquisition, spending, and lifetime value.”

The partnership helps brands and advertisers manage the complexities of marketing measurement at the individual level, enabling more acute insights. Acxiom Analytics provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for thorough measurement of GSTV campaigns, including robust reporting and incremental lift analysis, increased speed to insights and greater opportunity for campaign optimization via this direct channel.

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The Role of LiveRamp and Location Data-based Marketing

The new offering helps brands determine whether customers were exposed to GSTV ads through person-based location data available via the LiveRamp® IdentityLink Data Store. Leading identity resolution technologies are then used to unify anonymized location and transaction data for a complete customer view.

The novel measurement approach allows marketers to assess the impact of GSTV’s unique video platform and control for other media exposure, enabling marketers to demonstrate the value of their GSTV media spend. It will also improve targeting and optimization by leveraging measurement insights for subsequent campaigns.

Eric Sherman, Senior Vice President of Insights and Analytics at GSTV, said, “GSTV is an addressable digital video platform that now reaches 1 in 3 American adults monthly. But reach is only part of the story – it’s quantifiable impact that matters to marketers.”

Eric added, “Our partnership with Acxiom Analytics enhances our ability to measure the impact of advertising on GSTV while deepening our commitment to advanced data solutions. We’re thrilled to be launching this joint offering and are excited about our initial collaborations with leading automotive and financial services brands.”

Acxiom Analytics is a trusted partner providing a full suite of analytics, including digital and addressable TV measurement, to many of the world’s leading brands. Fueled by deep data heritage and leading identity resolution technology, Acxiom Analytics provides omnichannel analytics and measurement solutions across the entire customer lifecycle to enable effective people-based marketing.


Currently, GSTV engages viewers with full sight, sound, and motion video at an essential waypoint on their consumer journey. While offering consumers entertaining and informative content, GSTV drives immediate action and creates lasting brand impressions, delivering measurable results for the world’s largest advertisers.

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