Adobe Adds Photoshop Inspired Functionality To Its Analytics Toolset

Adobe launched a Photoshop inspired Analytics tool which helps enterprises to better unite data and visualize customer interactions. The new offering named Customer Journey Analytics take cues from the ‘layers concept’ in Adobe Photoshop.

In Photoshop, images can be exported, edited and layered on top of one another to create a visual treat. Similarly, in Customer Journey Analytics, the layers are data sets. With the power of AI, layers of online, offline and third-party data can be stacked atop one another to obtain a better perspective on customers. This will be of use not just to the C-suite but to all type of executives in the company.

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“Brands can curate metrics such as orders, conversion and visits—across different channels with Adobe Experience Platform—and drag-and-drop layers of data together to uncover new insights about how customers engage with the brand,” explains Nate Smith, a product marketing manager of Adobe Analytics.

With incomplete data, the teams now rely on incomplete data insights. The launch is targeted at teams which are finding it difficult to decode complex interactions across digital and physical touchpoints. With the new Customer Journey Analytics, teams could better harness data sets from avenues like point-of-sale systems and call centers to produce insights. Customer Journey Analytics now addresses the worldwide problem of connecting real-time data across the enterprise.

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Simplifies interpretations for all

You need not be a data scientist now to analyze high performing journeys or study customer fallout patterns. The dashboard of Customer Journey Analytics is distinct from the less interactive dashboards of its rivals. Whether you are a manager or a junior executive, the new reporting engine will curate and visualize data specific to your function. Brands such as T-Mobile, The Home Depot, Heathrow, Phillips, Wegmans and Hyatt Hotels now make use of Adobe Analytics to learn digital engagement in real-time. Adobe has over time the time, integrated several analytics tools into its Adobe Experience Platform that offers a tough competition to its rival Salesforce.

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