TeleSign Becomes a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Integration of WhatsApp into TeleSign’s Messaging API enhances omnichannel communication offerings, providing increased efficiency, security, and flexibility for customers

TeleSign, the leading provider of customer identity and engagement solutions, today announced it has become a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, enabling TeleSign to help businesses securely deliver rich, personalized experiences to customers. The WhatsApp Business Platform is a simple and reliable way for businesses to better manage conversations with their customers anywhere in the world, enabling communication in the way consumers want to engage with brands. Services for customers include alerts, reminders and notifications, and two-way customer support through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Person-to-Application (P2A) communication.

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“In today’s omnichannel world, communication plays a major role in delivering a great customer experience,” explains Joe Burton, CEO of TeleSign. “Customers expect business communication to be quick, easy, and credible. The WhatsApp Business Platform helps connect our customers to their target audience quickly and easily, and the way they want to be reached. As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we are able to deliver a better user experience built on trust to our valued customers.”

WhatsApp users send more than 100 billion messages a day and more than 175M people message a WhatsApp Business account each day. These pre- to post-purchase interactions on WhatsApp empower businesses to build more trusted relationships with their customers.

As brands expand country-to-country, region-to-region, they need a partner who can scale their growth. The integration of WhatsApp into TeleSign’s Messaging API gives customers this flexibility.

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  • Deliver rich, personalized experiences: 85 percent of consumers say interacting with brands via messaging apps helps build business relationships. With TeleSign, WhatsApp customers can reach their audience on reliable channels, wherever they’re located, and build personalized relationships with safe, seamless communication—while ensuring that every interaction exceeds user expectations. Rich media messaging options like photos, videos, documents, voice memos, CTA buttons, and smart personalization compatibilities help create more authentic customer relationships.
  • Engage securely and safely: TeleSign empowers businesses to build better, more trusted relationships with their customers via the WhatsApp Business Platform, providing peace of mind that the business’s messages are verified. With end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, a verified green check, and more, customers don’t have to worry about phishing, spam attacks, or other breaches. When brands feel confident of the legitimacy of a user and users trust brands with their data, high value services can thrive.
  • Flexible, scalable conversations: From pre-sale promotions and transaction confirmations that customers opt in to receive to customer support connections, WhatsApp provides clear lines of communication for every stage of the customer journey. The WhatsApp Business Platform is built into TeleSign’s Messaging API, which offers increased efficiency and flexibility with access to five communication channels via a single API.
  • Easy, efficient implementation: Saving developer resources and achieving scalable growth with a single API is now attainable. Businesses can deploy with flexibility and plug into the communication channels they need: SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, and Viber.

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