The MarTech Fitness Drill 2019: How Much Do You Sweat With Your Marketing Technology

Are CMOs ready for the MarTech Fitness Drill? 

While reviewing the entries for MarTech RADAR companies, we read hundreds of whitepapers, case studies and attended 50+ Marketing Technology webinars and podcasts. The extensive research-based project on MarTech RADAR led us to the first-in-industry MarTech Fitness Drill.

What’s the MarTech Fitness Drill after all?

At MarTech Series, we define the MarTech Fitness Drill as, “the systematic process of identifying, comparing, analyzing, reviewing, leveraging and recommending one or more Marketing Technologies with an aim to automate, optimize and amplify their marketing reach across all the major marketing and advertising channels, including OTT, brick and mortar and IoT/connected devices.”

We referred to principles of Marketing Performance Management and Revenue Marketing, and so many other concepts that have arrived only recently (including the Cuttlefish Marketer).

The MarTech Fitness Drill could be customized for marketing teams that classify themselves as:

  • High-Performers
  • Moderate or Average
  • Under-performers


Andrew O’Driscoll, Group Vice President & GM, Salesforce Services at Rimini Street, said, “As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly prevalent in consumers’ day to day lives, the AI experience is driving bigger expectations as to what can be accomplished in the enterprise as well. Just as the use of personal smartphones pushed organizations to adopt this technology across their business, demand for more humanizing enterprise software interactions is driving the AI revolution in the enterprise.”

So, we think AI should be part of your MarTech Fitness Drill in 2019. Analyzing its potential to further automate your process could mean reaching higher steps in the revenue and customer success ladder.

Why you need to do the MarTech Fitness Drill?

As Darcy Antonellis General Manager of Amdocs Media, a division of Amdocs and Chief Executive Officer of Vubiquity Inc., puts it – “Who Are You” Year, and I Don’t Mean The Who

Darcy said, “2019 will continue the push towards knowing the most about you, the individual, and recognizing the ever-present privacy considerations. Well beyond the recommendation engine, with the help of data lakes filled with information about you, creating a nuanced, relevant experience between you the consumer/user and the platform/product is the North Star. In 2019, your routine, temperament or mood, your needs and interests will all come together in an informed, real-time way.”

Why you need MarTech Fitness Drill could be understood from this simple graphical representation owned by Allocadia.

Martech Fitness Drill

In our MarTech assessment of CMOs and Marketing leaders from the B2B space, nine out of ten MarTech leaders use their own technology to amplify their Marketing and Sales.

Six of them could be using additional Marketing Automation tool with their own stack to manage various other aspects of Marketing, including for Social Media Listening, Video Marketing, ABM and Content Management Systems.

Average Forecasting

Since the arrival of Automation followed by Customer Data Management platforms for marketing campaigns, B2B marketing has evolved at a rampaging pace. The amount of innovation and disruption within MarTech space has done three things to every marketing team in the last five years.

Firstly, they have made at least one attempt to take a closer shot at the opportunities and challenges using one automation tool in their MarTech stack, which invariably includes either a CRM or an Email Marketing automation, if not more.

Secondly, they have understood the value of automation in Marketing and Sales, leveraging the power of technology to optimize their marketing efforts at a faster rate of execution. So, they explored the MarTech stack and how it bulks up their Marketing Automation.

Thirdly, marketing teams using at least one Marketing Automation tool could not derive the best results they were promised by the MarTech provider. Hence, they either switched to another product, or dropped the idea altogether of ever using another MarTech.

How MarTech Fitness Drill Works for You?

Since Content is the core of every Marketing campaign, we can assign content to be your ‘steroid’, the gunpowder, and the gold dust- -all packed into one bundle. You miss it, you go down.

If you have the right content (of course, we need the data to push it further), you can win the right set of audience.

Here’s how the Martech Fitness Drill for the modern Marketing teams would play out…

  • Defining the New-Age definitions and benchmarks in Content Management and Marketing
  • Discovering new roadmap to promote and amplify content
  • Differentiation in Marketing, Sales and Customer Service technologies
  • Are you prepared for AI, Sales Technology and HR Technology to add to your MarTech vision?
  • Who’s who of the CMO world in Marketing and Sales technology, via events and conference
  • Ensuring you know about collaborating with MarTech RADAR companies?

In the part one of the MarTech Fitness Drill for 2019, we are covering how CMOs are planning to continue with their existing Marketing technologies, and how they see new Marketing technologies adding to their stacks.

This is a mere layout for you to judge your uniqueness and learn the best-fit technologies for your companies.  We are expecting to improvise further into the fitness drill as we explore further with you.

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