New Report: Programmatic Transparency Key to Growing CTV Revenue

The Majority of Global Brands Would Increase Media Spend with Publishers that Provide Content Object Signals

PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, announced findings from a new report commissioned in partnership with Advertiser Perceptions entitled “Transparency Will Bring More Spend to CTV/OTT.” The study exposes the opportunity that transparency brings to both advertisers and publishers on CTV media inventory. Brands gain increased transparency via robust data signals, such as Content Object, about the content and context of media placements, in turn increasing demand for the publishers that provide additional transparency.

  • 62% of US brands and 82% of UK brands agree that they would increase their spend with partners that provide data such as Content Object signals.
  • Most advertisers are willing to pay a premium for the transparency that Content Object signals afford them, including 57% in the US and 64% in the UK.
  • Two-thirds of advertisers surveyed in the US and 78% in the UK said the presence of Content Object signals would make them more willing to shift budget from linear TV to CTV/OTT video ads.

“This study proves the critical value of transparency to increase demand for programmatic CTV. The supply chain of the future uses data to bring advertisers closer to their audiences, in turn creating more demand for publishers,” said Nicole Scaglione, VP of CTV and OTT Business at PubMatic. “In particular, Content Object provides a key path for publishers to share signals that give media buyers the contextual information they need to meet campaign goals and spend more in CTV.”

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Advertiser Perceptions also found that seven in ten advertisers surveyed in the US and even more in the UK agreed that using Content Object to share information is useful for transparency, and in-depth interviews revealed that Content Object signals are critical for advertisers to understand what they have actually purchased. Advertisers surveyed said they would increase their spend with partners that provide Content Object signals, which increase the transparency of programmatic media buys. However, only about half of advertisers in the US and six in ten in the UK currently use Content Object in their media buys.

“Programmatic CTV gives advertisers more targeting options, better measurability, and real-time decisioning. Our research shows that adding signals such as category and genre drive brands to increase spend, shifting from linear and other channels,” said Nicole Perrin, VP of Business Intelligence at Advertiser Perceptions.

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