Matchmade Democratizes Access to 9.2 Million Creators With Low-barrier Express Tool

Creator marketing platform Matchmade has launched Express Campaigns, a self-service tool that empowers brands to kick-start creator sponsorships in a matter of minutes.

With the creator economy rewriting the rules of advertising, creator sponsorships are projected to account for a third of all digital advertising by 2029. Yet finding the right collaborations can be difficult, particularly with limits on time, manpower, and budgets.

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As industry veterans that have been executing creator marketing campaigns for half a decade, Matchmade have now launched a self-service version of their platform, making creator marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes.

With Express Campaigns, brands can partner with multiple creators from $500 and get content live on YouTube in days. Eliminating the hours of manual work that would be spent on finding creators, the tool uses automated machine learning to analyze over 1.25 billion pieces of content, sifting through 9.2 million potential matches to find relevant fits.

After brands set a budget and target audience, the intuitive tool guides marketers through creating a simple brief suited to their campaign goals. Fair and transparent prices are calculated according to market data, removing the hassle of negotiating or dealing with agency fees.

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In addition to demographics and location, Matchmade finds audiences through interest-based content-targeting. This is a departure from many performance marketing tools that are facing increasing scrutiny from privacy regulators for their pervasive use of behavioral tracking.

As we witness a shift towards a privacy-aware ecosystem, Express Campaigns offers an alternative that lets businesses execute campaigns with immediacy. Campaigns can get started for hundreds, instead of tens of thousands, making creator marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets.” – Jiri Kupiainen CEO, Matchmade

As brands seek authentic connections with creators that drive genuine engagement, creator marketing’s popularity is soaring. Between 2019 and 2021 the market size nearly doubled — by the end of this year, it is expected to hit $13.8 billion.

Matchmade’s growth stands as a testament to this, with the platform increasing its volume of sponsorships fivefold last year. With Express letting brands easily tap into a network of over 4.5 billion views each month, this number is only set to rise.

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