Tapjoy Reimagines Mobile Shopping with the Launch of Tapjoy Shopping

Brings the Tapjoy value exchange model to mobile shopping to benefit retailers, publishers and consumers alike

Tapjoy, Inc., a mobile advertising and app monetization company, announced today the launch of Tapjoy Shopping, an in-app marketplace that enables consumers to shop from among hundreds of brand retailers and earn rewards in their favorite apps for every purchase that they make. Tapjoy Shopping brings Tapjoy’s signature value exchange model to mobile commerce by providing a premium rewarded experience for consumers while increasing discoverability and conversions for retail advertisers and driving incremental revenue for app publishers. Tapjoy Shopping is now available to Tapjoy’s network of app partners.

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Tapjoy has been a leading Offerwall provider for 15 years. In 2006, Tapjoy launched their Offerwall as a marketplace of advertising offers that consumers could fill out in exchange for virtual currency in social and mobile apps. Today, the Offerwall remains one of the most popular ways for mobile games and apps to monetize users and for advertisers to reach the popular mobile gaming audience. While many offers found in the Offerwall promote app installs, surveys, discounts, and other advertisements, Tapjoy Shopping is a distinct marketplace dedicated exclusively to retail brands and shopping offers so that consumers can easily find products that align with their interests. 

For retailers and brand advertisers, Tapjoy Shopping provides a risk-free way to connect with mobile gaming audiences — especially the desirable Gen Z and Millennial crowd, 86% of whom play mobile games on their smartphones and more than half of whom shop on mobile, according to Tapjoy’s latest Modern Mobile Gamer report. Tapjoy’s pay-for-performance pricing model ensures that advertisers only pay for direct purchases, while the numerous branding opportunities in Tapjoy Shopping enables brands to expand their overall reach and drive brand affinity and awareness amongst an engaged, shopping-oriented audience.

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Tapjoy Shopping makes it extremely easy for consumers to browse through hundreds of products from brand retailers. They simply open Tapjoy Shopping in any of the more than 10,000 apps belonging to Tapjoy’s network of premium app publishers, and they can immediately start browsing by product category, top brands, and other filters. Tapjoy Shopping presents a graphical representation of all relevant offers, along with how much in-app currency the consumer stands to earn for making each purchase. Clicking on any offer provides the consumer with additional details about the product, the offer, and the terms and conditions for receiving their reward.

Shopping offers had proven critically important for mobile publishers as they sought to reclaim lost revenue after Cost Per Engagement app ads were barred from iOS. Tapjoy was able to engage new consumers through shopping offers. Tapjoy Shopping expands on Tapjoy’s strong relationships with brand retailers by organizing retail offers in a way that is fast, easy and fun for consumers to find relevant products. 

“Our smartphones have forever changed the way we shop — from discovering new products to engaging with brands and even making direct purchases,” said Dom Bracher, vice president of product at Tapjoy. “The new Tapjoy Shopping makes it incredibly simple and convenient for consumers to not only shop for relevant products but also get rewarded with in-app currency for their favorite games. The end result is a marketplace dynamic that truly benefits advertisers, app publishers, and of course the consumers themselves.”

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