Amazon to Acquire Israel-Based CloudEndure for $250 Million

The Move Indicates Amazon’s Endeavor to Expand Its Reach in Regions Outside the US

Tech Leader Amazon will be buying CloudEndure, a Ramat Gan-based firm for one-fourth of a billion dollars. CloudEndure’s advanced computing capabilities got the attention of the Seattle-based tech behemoth, ultimately, leading to the former’s purchase by the latter.

Some of the top abilities of CloudEndure are:

  1. Facilitating highly advanced Business Continuity Processes to endure business functionality during a catastrophe.
  2. Endless business data back-up.
  3. Data Migration without server switch-off.

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CloudEndure was found six years ago and it managed to secure a $20 million dollar funding from the following investors:

  • Dell
  • Magma Venture Partners
  • Zohar Gillon
  • Infosys

What this does for Amazon is ensure that data moving from one Cloud to the other moves fast. For a corporation as large as Amazon this solves a huge problem as the company possibly has thousands of Server Farms that support its Cloud Infrastructure. In turn, companies which would be using Amazon’s Cloud will benefit. Businesses prefer working on a multiple Cloud environment because of the following reasons:

  • Businesses cannot be in a position to depend on a single Cloud for enterprise data.
  • Businesses need a back-up storage system in case of a security breach.
  • Businesses may need a dedicated Cloud server in every region of their operations — or in this case in Israel to cover the MENA region.

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Another critical feature of CloudEndure’s product is lightning-fast data transfer from a physical on-premise server to the Cloud.

So far, Amazon — through its Amazon Web Services  — has left other Cloud service providers far behind. The company has a staggering market share of 52% as against Microsoft (13%), Alibaba (5%) and Google (3%). Clearly, if Amazon wants to maintain this lead it has to be constantly on the lookout for newer acquisitions that keep adding to the size of this already established technological giant. Moreover, to keep their customers happy, Amazon also needs seamless data handling, which CloudEndure conveniently manages for them.

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