Top MarTech Series Guest Posts of 2018

We Compile an Annual Round-Up of the Most Popular Guest Posts Published in 2018


Five Key Trends for Programmatic Advertising in 2018

Benoit Skinazi writes our most viewed Guest Post of 2018! With GDPR and consumer sentiment towards irrelevant advertisement, Programmatic Advertising is the new hope for AdTech.


What Good is Personalization Without Identity?

Craig Belhumeur points out ‘the writing on the wall’ — something that most marketers miss out on. Personalization is impossible without identity — more so, now, in the times of hyper-personalization.


Build, Train And Deploy: How AI Chatbots Can Transform the Customer Experience

Mitul Tiwari sheds light on the ‘chatbot’ buzzword and how brands can use chatbot capabilities to the maximum. As customer service becomes critical for brand sustenance, emerging technologies like AI chatbots can be infused for brand success.


Are Amazon Ads The Right Move for Your Business?

Chaitanya Chandrasekar delves deeper into the burning question of advertising through Amazon. Is it right? Is it wrong? Find out!


Blockchain in Advertising: The Implications for Every Player in the System

Ian Kane writes a brilliant piece on how and why Blockchain should be integrated into advertising. The writing is beneficial for everybody who is connected to any form of AdTech.


5 Reasons Why Social Media Influencers are the Future of Digital Marketing

Maher Jaber further expedites the value and importance of Influencer Marketing as a pivotal ancillary to Social Media Marketing endeavors.


What Are the Key Challenges for Marketing Automation Experts?

Mór Mester compiles information about the main challenges that marketing automation champions face in their day-to-day lives. A seemingly common topic, but it serves as the go-to-guide for marketers for encapsulated issues that they face, daily.


It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s When You Say It – Timing is Everything When it Comes to Social Media Marketing Success

Eric Meyerson emphasizes the importance of timing when marketing via social mediums.


18 Video Marketing Ideas for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Microcreatives beautifully mixes flavors of ABM and video and suggests an interesting list of tips to introduce relevant videos at every stage of the consumer’s buying journey.


Why Your Visual Content is Worth its Weight in Gold

Sanjay Sarathy writes about the growing preference for immersive content and how creating visually pleasing content can be a marketer’s gold mine.


5 Shrewd Ways of Using Big Data Analytics To Enhance Customer Service

Vikash Kumar touches on the critical subject of customer service and how Big Data capabilities can be leveraged to hyper-optimize client-servicing aspects of the business.


As Display Overtakes Search Among High-Tech Advertisers, Is the Industry Ready?

Jill Steinhour breaks the news about display taking over the advertising sphere. As display gets more popular than search advertising, Jill writes about the readiness of the MarTech industry.

This is our sum up of the best guest posts of 2018. Our contributors have presented excellent insights into the convergence of marketing with technology. Do email us your thoughts at

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