4 Tips to Nail Marketing Automation

By Sam Duggan, Head of Marketing at Force24

According to recent statistics, the majority of companies throughout the globe now use marketing automation to empower their customer communications, drive conversion-rich opportunities and help marketers to send the right message to the right person, at the right time.

If you’ve either plugged in marketing automation or you’re relatively new to this intuitive technology, there are many ways in which you can make even more of your savvy tool…

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1. Segment your audience to deliver hyper-personalised comms

You’ve created your next campaign with the aim of targeting specific consumers – for example to entice VIP customers to attend a new car sales event. This is where your automation platform can truly come into its own.

Armed with data, you’re able to drill down into audience types so you can – in granular detail – separate individuals into groups that are more likely to engage with your comms compared to others. For example, it might be based on location, age, or the automotive brand which they’re most interested in. All this can be made possible if your martech is savvy enough because it should provide the insight to help you deliver the right level of content to the recipients who will be most engaged.

2. Measure the marketing metrics that matter

Don’t always rely on open and click through rates as they’ll only tell you part of the story. Lead scoring is the metric that should have your laser-beam focus – and marketing automation can help you to prioritise this form of evaluation.

To better explain what this type of measurement is, imagine placing numbers above each recipient’s head based on their level of engagement. For example, if they’ve spent time on a specific page of your brand’s website or downloaded a recent guide, they’d be a ‘9’ or a ‘99’ as they seem super interested. These are the individuals you need to nurture.

With this information drawn from your automation tool, you can then provide specific consumers with content they want to receive and, when the time is right, plug in your sales team to provide a conversion-rich ‘human’ touchpoint – such as a phonecall.

3. Nurture customers all the way to a conversion

No matter who the customer is, a large part of the experience is to ensure they feel valued and listened to. A great way to show you’re able to do this as a brand is via hyper-personalising your digital comms and sending them to recipients when they’re most engaged.

Marketing automation can help you achieve this, plus it also means you’re able to create emails, SMS, landing pages and microsites in minutes – rather than hours – all of which are relevant to the individuals you want to interact with, saving you an incredible amount of time in the process.

Additionally, try creating a six-step email marketing sequence that takes your consumer all the way from introducing your brand through to conversion. The reason for this number is because it takes an average of six touchpoints before a customer’s truly engaged in your brand.

To follow this same journey, firstly introduce your organisation. Then deliver an email with social proof covering why they should trust your advice. Next, it’s all about what they’ll gain from buying into your message, followed by the fear of missing out communication. The last two pieces offer the logical next step for your consumer to take and then the urgency of acting now before it’s too late.

The above sequence doesn’t mean you send it out as a batch and blast to hundreds of recipients either. If someone responds to your social proof or fear emails during the journey for example, marketing automation can automatically take them out of the sequence so they’re not then receiving irrelevant content when they’ve already bought into your brand.

4. Making more of your content

As well as utilising automation to create email templates and landing pages in minutes, you can also ensure your tool helps to gather a user’s information at a time when they want to give it to you. This is the power of gated content.

In context, if you’ve got a high-level guide or whitepaper to promote and you want to capture vital details that will help to transform an individual into a customer for life, this is where martech can be your best friend.

That’s because not only does it help to retrieve the data you need securely and compliantly, but it also helps you retarget the user, manage the customer journey more effectively, and still ensure they can freely engage with your content.

The powers of marketing automation can be endless, however, not all platforms are born equal. Plug in a platform that works for your brand and utilise as much of the functionality as possible to ensure you’re delivering comms you’re not only proud of, but which consumers and prospects want to receive.

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