AI Can Help Improve These 4 Things

Ever since a group of Mathematicians and Scientists gathered at New Hampshire’s Dartmouth College 65 years ago and laid the groundwork for Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’ve watched AI have a colossal impact on countless businesses and industries. Advertising and Marketing are no exception.

In digital media, enlisting the help of machines to interpret information, extract insights, and even generate ad creative is transforming the way marketers work and guiding the decisions they make on behalf of their brands. Data may be the crude oil of our industry, but AI is what transforms and refines it to create more effective campaigns and give companies the muscle that is needed to build stronger relationships between consumers and brands.

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But while the implications of AI innovation are getting broader as this technology continues to evolve, Artificial Intelligence is also helping marketers make practical improvements to their ad delivery today. Here are four aspects of your Digital Marketing campaigns that stand to benefit from all that AI has to offer.


The ad delivery systems of yesteryear had their advantages, but they pale in comparison to the sophistication of those powered by AI. Serving relevant ads at high scale and with low latency simply wouldn’t be possible without it.

Fast response times are everything in advertising, as driving efficiencies at lightning speed can be a competitive advantage. In the 2019 Page Speed report by Unbounce, 70% of consumers said that page speed impacts their willingness to buy and slow load times can affect their decision to return to the website in the future. The fact that AI can make short work of terabytes of data very much works in our favor.


In our post-GDPR world, transparency in Digital Advertising isn’t so much consideration as much as it’s a necessity. Consumers want to know how their data will be used and are going to greater lengths to educate themselves about it. Just as AI is facilitating the exchange of information, it’s also providing consumers with more control over their online experience. Marketers must be cognizant of this shift.

On the flipside, transparency is also allowing marketers to better assess the inventory at their disposal and make more informed decisions about where and what they buy. AI helps brands find the audiences that are most valuable to their business, scale their campaigns, and capitalize on the results. As we move forward, it will be important for the industry to push for more transparency to explain data usage to consumers, while also highlighting the perks of Machine Learning for brands.

Customer Experience

Most advertisers are focused on customer lifetime value. Their goal is to find new customers and engage them so they’ll return again and again.

Leveraging AI allows brands to do even more. When technology is applied to a campaign, the customer experience can transcend the advertising of the past. AI puts the customer at the very center by recommending products that are ideally suited to their interests and needs, thus enhancing the shopping experience and – equally important – the consumer relationship with brands.

Fraud Detection

Resolving the issue of ad fraud is an ongoing struggle as fraudsters throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. But identifying and opposing fraud represents another area in which AI excels.

With AI, brands can boost their fraud detection efforts and defend themselves against fake traffic and invalid clicks. The more data points you’re able to analyze, the greater the chances that you’ll identify and impede bots. Fraud detection of this caliber and scale simply wouldn’t be feasible if companies used a manual approach to flush out the bad actors, but AI provides you with far better controls to protect the end-user and make sure they aren’t falling victim to spammers or click fraud.

AI has turned our manual world into a mecca of automation, and the aftereffects of its arrival and expansion across the Advertising ecosystem are far from complete. We’re sure to see brands continue to adapt as marketers embrace the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence affords, but in the meantime, these four aspects of the industry are poised to reap the benefits of the AI revolution.

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