Introducing the Customer Feedback App with CRM Integration- piHappiness

Customer Feedback Apps have taken over the business sector by storm for the easy usability, cost-effectiveness and the large number of features they offer. piHappiness has recently integrated the feature of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on its app which is on the hype and for very good reasons.

A Customer Feedback App with CRM integration allows businesses to maintain customer relationships by data and the information associated with them. Successful CRM implementation can only be made possible if you establish strong relationships with your customers. CRM is a strategy as well as a technology that can be used to make strong relationships between organizations and their clients.

The Magic of Customer Feedback Software with CRM Integration

We all know that surveys are one of the best ways to get insights into a customer’s mind and collect important information about them. Customer Feedback Software with CRM integration on the piHappiness app allows you to import the data collected through the survey and combine the informational and Marketing value from the data. This app can extract all the useful information from the data provided and turn them into graphs, pie charts, tables, and all other kinds of relevant information.

There are several reasons why CRM integration on Customer Feedback Software has evolved as one of the most important software in the last few years.  In the highly competitive global market, the software will make it easier for companies to retain clients by protecting them from competitors so that you can build relationships with your clients that will last a lifetime. Software’s like piHappiness will help drive in a lot of customers thus generating more profits. Profiling customers is a crucial task as it lets you get a clear picture of the type of customer you should be after:

  • Get demographic and psychographic data on your clients.
  • Locate your customers.
  • Under the process of purchasing.

Merging these data with the CRM to:

  • Boost Sales records.
  • Assign customers to client groups meant for covering particular zones.
  • Design Marketing strategies based on these customer profiles.

Customer Relationship Management is used by businesses to use people and technology to get insights into the behavior and value of customers. These insights allow for better customer service, increased share of customers and most importantly, profitability.

Reference: Business benefits of CRM

A Customer Feedback System with CRM Integrated has 3 Main Benefits:

  • Simplicity: CRM eliminates complex, time-consuming processes like making and importing lists or spreadsheets and sending out survey invitations and reminders. Using important data information, the software can create graphs and pie charts for better data representation.
  • Visibility: You’ll be able to get a true view of the client’s opinions as the app can track social media responses and automatically shows service agents the required information. You can even send automated texts to your customers on their anniversaries which help in boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Specificity: Using CRM and feedback you can send special offers to dis-satisfied customers so that you can draw them in, to use your product. You won’t need to send the same offer to a satisfied customer who already uses your product.

The more opportunities a customer has to do business with your company, the better. CRM helps a business to recognize the value of its customers and therefore take advantage of better customer relationships.

The correct use of CRM can be achieved by:

  • Finding out the purchasing habits of individual customers.
  • Profiling individuals and groups for effective marketing and an increase in sales.
  • Making upgrades to your business so that it suits the needs and requirements of your customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a large investment for your business which you can get by paying a very small price. Just how a small group of customers can make your business highly profitable, likewise, a small group of complaining customers can be enough to threaten your business. In the modern era, it does not take long for negative comments to go viral hence, it’s important that you take necessary precautions to prevent them.

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