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Community Moments

Customer communities promote advocacy by giving members a platform to share ideas, lend expertise, and network with peers. Since members drive the discussions, it gives them a safe and comfortable space to speak up, ask questions, and have more candid conversations about your product. Facilitating this free flow of ideas and opinions builds trust between your customers and your brand while giving you an unobstructed view into your customers’ experience.

Learning Moments

Self-service learning resources, such as an online knowledge base or training courses, allow customers to help themselves and resolve issues on their own without having to wait or rely on your team for answers. Empowering customers to become their own product expert isn’t just a self-serving act to relieve your support requests – though that is a welcomed benefit. You also feed your customers’ esteem and grow their competence, which ultimately increases their overall confidence and satisfaction using your product.

You should aim to overdeliver on educational resources, especially early on in your customer lifecycle and during onboarding when customers may be skeptical about operational changes and need reassurance and reinforcement the most.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment

Brand value isn’t given; it’s earned. Create the brand moments that will drive customer devotion. To build a memorable customer experience, you must treat all moments the same, regardless of their size or significance. As cheesy as it sounds, every moment counts – even (and especially) those which on their surface seem mundane and inconsequential.