The Tsunami Of In-App Programmatic Advertising Is Coming – Ride the Wave

In this article, we will discuss what in-app programmatic advertising is. We will also consider the factors causing the boom in in-app programmatic advertising, which include the increased use of mobile devices and the increased need for mobile content. The growth of this market in China, and how their model of life-app integration presents increased opportunities for in-app programmatic advertising future is also considered.

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

The next big trend in Marketing is in-app programmatic advertising. This is where AI is used to buy ad space in an app. The advantages of this include better personalization of the ad to the demographic that will see it, something that can increase its click-through rate.

Now, you are probably wondering how this trend came about? Well, the truth of the matter is that several factors have brought this change. Additionally, it is these factors that make in-app programmatic advertising so relevant to the market both now and in the future. Read on to find out more.

The Impact of Increased Mobile Use on In-App Programmatic Advertising

The wave of in-app programmatic advertising is building right now, in large part due to the increase of mobile use. In fact, globally, the statistics suggest that we are all spending more time on our handheld devices.

Despite the addition of screen time monitoring and limiting settings on our phones, that is. Of course, this increase in mobile device use means a whole new opportunity for reaching your demographic with advertising.

The Role of Quality Content in In-App Programmatic Advertising

The opportunities for in-app programmatic advertising are increasing because of the rise in the use of mobile devices. Something that means there is an increase in the potential to create quality content for this platform.

Content that captivates, enthralls, entertains or educates the user. In this case, namely apps including trackers, games, and journals, which can then be used to host the ads.

Obviously, a quality UX is what any publisher will be aiming for here. Both in terms of the content itself, as the advertising that is provided. In fact, high-quality advertising is as vital to the user experience as the content in this case.

The Influence of China on In-App Programmatic Advertising

Another factor that is helping the rise in in-app programmatic advertising is the way people are starting to use their mobile devices. In fact, China is the perfect example of this with a massive 8 hours of screen time per person, per day. That is a potential 8 hours of opportunity to get your ads in front of the right people. Something that makes in the largest in-app programmatic advertising market at the current time.

However, it is essential to note that China’s mobile landscape is not the same as in the West. In fact, Google and Facebook have very little influence there. Additionally, most people have devices that run on Android rather than iOS. Something that means for in-app programmatic advertising to be successful, the right type of content needs to be offered.

In particular, in China, these seem to be game apps. With hyper-casual gaming being a particularly profitable option.

The Importance of Life-App Integration to In-App Programmatic Advertising

Also, the Tsunami of in-app programmatic advertising is gathering momentum because of the level of integration of Chinese apps offer. That is apps like WeChat, which is not just a messaging service like Whatsapp but can also be used for a range of other essential day-to-day tasks. Such as paying for things, booking appointments, searching for things online as well as many others.

In fact, it is the creation of absolute need by these apps presents their biggest strength for the in-app programmatic advertising industry. After all, if users need to be logged in and using an app all day, the chance to show them with ads is massive. Something that the publishers in the rest of the world should take note of.


In conclusion, the in-app programmatic advertising industry hails the dawn of an era of increased opportunity for publishers. This is due to a combination of factors. Not least the increased use of mobile platforms for apps and gaming. This then provides more opportunities to produce quality content, perfect for hosting advertising materials.

In fact, by taking inspiration from the Chinese fully integrated app model, we can further increase the reach of in-app programmatic advertising. Something that should ensure it remains a viable wave for publishers and advertisers to ride in the future.

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