TechBytes with Eric J. Hansen, Chief Technology Officer, SiteSpect

Eric J. Hansen

Eric J. Hansen
Chief Technology Officer, SiteSpect

Each brand will have different objectives in website optimization depending on what segment of audience they cater to. To deliver personalized customer experience, marketers rely on Personalization and Omnichannel Marketing Solutions. To better understand how website optimization solutions can enable marketers to deliver the best customer experience based on a targeted approach, we spoke to Eric Hansen, Chief Technology Officer at SiteSpect.

Tell us about your role at SiteSpect and the team/technology you handle.

When I founded SiteSpect in 2003, I wanted to help brands really enter the digital age with optimized websites. But a lot has changed since then. Today, as the CTO of SiteSpect, I am the chief architect of our patented technology for customer experience (CX) optimization. Working with a talented team of developers and architects, I’m leading the innovation of our A/B and multivariate testing, personalization, and omnichannel optimization platforms. While our company works toward the same mission of helping to optimize companies’ digital experiences, we now have a vast portfolio of technologies to accomplish this across channels.

What are the core tenets of your Personalization and Omnichannel Marketing Solutions?

Today’s consumers expect more than just a good digital experience – they expect every campaign, webpage, interface and recommendation to be tailored to their specific needs and interests. Through data-driven testing and targeting tactics, brands can ensure they’re delivering a true omnichannel experience with a dedicated focus on personalization. The core tenets of our omnichannel solution include segment discovery, targeted experiments, and personalized experiences:

  • Understanding target audiences. The first step is discovering key audiences and separating them by behavioral and contextual attributes. Our technology allows businesses to dig into their customer data across all digital properties to examine trend lines across audiences, rank them by significance, and start to formulate a strategy for experimentation.
  • Deploying experiments for deeper insight. Building off the audiences identified, the next step is targeting experiments. The objective here is to learn how a specific campaign or digital feature will impact CX for individual customers – making incremental changes to continuously test and improve the user experience to meet their needs.
  • Delivering highly-personalized experiences. The end-goal, of course, is to understand what influences (and converts) customers, and creating a tailored digital experience to align. Analyzing everything from behavioral data, to device or operating system preferences, and even geolocation, brands can gain a holistic look at their customers and put this insight into action.

How do you enable marketers to deliver the best customer experience based on a targeted approach?

We know that the best way to optimize the user experience is to take a highly-targeted approach – ensuring every aspect of a digital property or initiative is not just appealing, but influential to individual customers. By providing digital businesses with smarter, data-driven testing and targeting tools, we’re helping them get to know their customers at a deeper level and driving them to use this information to tailor their digital experience. Our technology sits in the flow of digital traffic, therefore granting us full visibility into the requests and responses taking place on a given channel. In turn, we gain a comprehensive view of customer behaviors and preferences, while helping brands understand the real-time business impact of their digital experience.

Why should brands leverage Data Optimization software for marketing campaigns?

One of the biggest buzzwords in marketing today is the notion of being fearless. Brands want to be known as innovative, pushing the envelope with new campaigns and ideas that are new and exciting for customers. The issue is here is that with fearlessness comes the potential for failure.

Thanks for chatting with us, Eric.
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