TechBytes with Mike Anderson, Co-Founder and CTO,Tealium

Mike Anderson, Co-Founder and CTO at Tealium

Mike Anderson
Co-Founder and CTO, Tealium

Of all the marketing technologies, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), are growing in popularity and relevance among leading marketing teams. There are many reasons why marketers prefer to rely on CDPs rather than depending only  on data systems, including CRM and DMP. Mike Anderson, Co-Founder and CTO, Tealium, spoke to us about the CDP-Customer Intelligence relationship, and the increasing adoption of mobile-only CDP technologies for marketing.

Tell us about your role at Tealium and the team and technology that you handle.

I love the fact that my role as Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tealium, is pretty unusual; not only do I manage our highly dedicated customer success teams, but I also head our product teams. This goes against convention, as most companies keep these functions separate but at Tealium we made the strategic decision to keep both operations as part of an integrated team. This helps us to ensure our product remains customer-centric.

Tealium is customer obsessed and we take great care to understand our customers’ pain points so we can ensure our solutions meet the end-users requirements through our product portfolio. Strategy is two ears, one mouth— listen more than you speak.

How do you help your customers benefit from Customer Intelligence? And, how does Customer Intelligence integrate with CDPs?

When it comes to building a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior, it is critical to have access to all the customer data available.

Tealium’s mission is to help companies integrate and orchestrate data from multiple, disparate customer touchpoints – whether offline or online – to build a comprehensive consumer profile, which can be leveraged to drive insightful interactions and campaigns.

This holistic approach allows Customer Intelligence initiatives to be fueled by a deep understanding of the customer, which serves to improve the customer service experience. With our turnkey integration ecosystem supporting more than 1,000 client-side and server-side vendors and technologies, Customer Intelligence initiatives can be implemented fully and across channels.

How do you see trends in mobile audience data influencing the adoption of mobile-only CDP technologies for marketing?

Customers do not only engage via mobile. There is a proliferation of connected devices and platforms, from social media to wearable tech to desktop apps. So, having a CDP that focuses solely on one channel obstructs companies from seeing the true customer, from a 360-degree perspective.

What are the core tenets of Enterprise Tag Management? How does it make Tealium AudienceStream more effective in delivering business outcomes?

Enterprise tag management is primarily focused on helping companies to manage their data in a way that is scalable and secure. This relies on more than just tags. It’s about the data that flows through those tags, and Tealium iQ – our enterprise tag management solution – helps companies build the foundation to do more with that data.

This data – whether on web, mobile, IoT, or elsewhere – becomes the building blocks to understand a customer. With Tealium AudienceStream – our CDP – all data is unified and stored as a single source of truth which can be leveraged to build better customer-centric experiences.

Tell us how you work with AI/machine learning technologies at Tealium?

Given the increasing volume of data that companies must process, manage and analyze, the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is now mandatory. To adequately train these models, it is imperative to fuel them with complete customer datasets, which can be collated using a CDP solution. And, as a result, we think of ourselves as an AI-enablement company – helping companies prepare for the AI-driven era.

At Tealium, we believe AI should be at the center of your customer data supply chain so that every tool and solution can benefit from, and contribute to bettering customer experiences.

Thanks for chatting with us, Mike.

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