15 MarTech Pros Share Their Most Valuable Experiences and Insights

Giving It Back to the MarTech Industry Is What We Aim to Achieve with This Article Today…

Every smart MarTech brand and teams know the merit of creating meaningful content for better engagement with customers and technology partners. We can firmly say that martech companies refer to and review a lot of content that their competitors are churning as part of their content calendar. Writing a blog or sharing links on social media are not the only ways to ‘educate’ customers about your brands. Interviews and Guest Posts are most valuable content marketing repositories that can resonate better and directly with your audience. Giving it back to the MarTech industry is what we aim to achieve with this article today…

We short-listed a panel of Martech leaders from the industry. They provided the most valuable insights and ideas about beating the odds with their proverbial ‘out-of-box’ thinking and actions.

“When customers succeed, our retention rates are strong and our business with them expands.”

Interview with Jeff Ray, CEO, Brightcove

“Our demand gen team recently had tremendous success with a digital campaign that we refer to as the “Meet Your Account Manager” campaign. Brightcove Account Managers (AMs) are responsible for making sure their customers are successful in getting real value from our products. When customers succeed, our retention rates are strong and our business with them expands. This incentivizes us to ensure that we build strong Account Manager – customer relationships.”

“I am a ‘Fearless Marketer’…”

Interview with Maria Pergolino, Chief Marketing Officer, Anaplan

“I’m a very confident and driven person. I’m often the first to step to the front of the room in a meeting or to offer an opinion. But I try very hard to not come across as dominant or aggressive. It’s critical, in the marketing field, to have the entire company understand the marketing investment, and to work alongside other disciplines not only to affirm and reinforce those other departments but also to communicate the impact marketing is making.”

Understanding Mobile Retargeting Automation helps to meet data privacy and transparency regulations

TechBytes with Dorian Kim, VP, Retargeting and Programmatic Operations, AppLift

“The baseline technical implementation of retargeting is always with audience data that is used to re-engage customers. Users are now given the chance to opt-out on advertising, and OpenRTB specification ensures targeting only those that have provided consent. Programmatic activation of retargeting campaigns allows for increased granularity and transparency of delivery on to client-approved brand safe whitelists. This gives advertisers more power to control where, what, and whom they want to show their message to.”

Surviving the flux in Digital Asset Management Industry

TechBytes with Neta Agmon, Director of Product, Cloudinary

“Today, brands understand that visual storytelling is critically important to improved customer engagement. Marketers need robust tools to manage a growing number of rich media assets with increasingly complex workflows while supporting seamless and organized collaboration across internal stakeholders and external partners. What’s more, technologies like AI and machine learning are allowing us to add a layer of intelligence that’s just going to make managing these business critical assets that much easier — and as asset volumes (and types!) continue to increase, companies simply won’t be effective without them.”

Prepare for the challenges and opportunities in the SaaS and Cloud ecosystems

Interview with Anthony Kennada, Chief Marketing Officer, Gainsight

Funny, I always say that I’m a B2C marketer trapped in a B2B body. It’s getting harder to answer the inverse of this question as SaaS/cloud has become inevitable and, in many industries, the way work gets done. In a world of so much choice, we need to get prescriptive with our customers and give them a blueprint for outcome realization. Doubling down on thought leadership initiatives like content marketing, community and events can help build that competitive moat as products race to commoditization.”

TV advertising versus the web and social media advertising technologies and their inevitable convergence

Interview with Matthew Wasserlauf, CEO and Founder, Torrential

TV advertising remains the go-to for most major advertisers and has been provided a longer sunset as mobile video endures its growing pains that I mentioned above. While TV advertising will remain an important medium in the greater mix, its importance will diminish as millennial population access video across devices. Certainly, social media is driving this phenomenon.”

Social is the Unexplored Frontier of Digital Promotions

“The earliest form of convergence of TV advertising and mobile video can be seen in the emergence of OTT. This convergence will only grow as the audience shifts from traditional linear TV toward device driven media consumption.”

‘B2H’ would enable business teams to overcome the perennial deficiencies witnessed by B2B marketing communication teams

Interview with Barbara Bates, CEO, Hotwire

“Some B2B marketing communication teams have been slow to realize their audience wants to be entertained, not just educated and sold to. We try to remind our clients that their ultimate audience is humans, whether or not you’re a B2B or B2C company – marketing today is B2H.”

Focus and Build Your MarTech acceleration strategies

Fireside Chat with Mike Cotoia

Over the past two years really, we’ve been building up a wealth of learning from our 600 clients who are directly accessing our real purchase intent data. Within those clients, we’ve got thousands of users in the system every day. We also have an active program of user group events around the world. So this has enabled us to focus on things like our onboarding processes as clients first get engaged with real purchase intent insight. That accelerates value realization right from the start.”

“We have also been focusing a lot of energy on making sure that our data seamlessly fit within our customers’ workflow as well as visualization to better help them understand success across their core marketing initiatives. On top of that, we’ve been building out a robust set of documentation and learning aids – an evolution program — that is helping clients get better and better at marketing and sales more programmatically.”

18 Video Marketing Ideas for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

An honest advice to all MarTech professionals

Fireside Chat with Randy Apuzzo

“Decouple your content from your presentations. This means that content should be managed independently from the presentation. When this is accomplished, you and your team will be free to power multiple presentations from a single source of truth. This frees up your front-end developers to be more nimble between websites, mobile applications, and any IoT device.”

Why Young Sales Professionals Should Train Harder to Master MarTech Skills

Fireside Chat with Ebonie Newman

Training sales reps prepare them to be agile with technology in the trend. For me, there are two sides to this…

… The first is to be open to learning and using new technology. Aversion to this means that there is often no true benefit, and only time wasted if new opportunities aren’t embraced fully. While technology can provide efficiencies, data, and intelligence, it’s the human thinking applied to this data and information that uncovers the true value of technology. Continually asking WHY and reflecting on results and patterns is where the magic lies. That’s a muscle that needs to be constantly trained.”

The Anatomy of Sales Decisions: Blending Data Science and Behavioral Science to Accelerate Sales Results

Technology is making both Sales and Marketing more personal

Fireside Chat with Shawn Schwegman

“The continued alignment of Sales and Marketing teams will be critical in delivering ROI for leaders of revenue-generating teams. Technology is making both sales and marketing more personal, more relevant, and more effective. But that requires even greater communication between teams as consumer expectations get more and more rigorous…

… It’s now becoming a highly choreographed ballet, where playbooks must take every aspect of the customer journey into account, including messaging, timing, purchasing factors, buyers and their sphere of influence, all across channels and across teams.”

Audience Intelligence in the context of modern Advertising

TechBytes with Peter Lenz, Senior Geospatial Analyst, Dstillery

Intelligence, in the frame of advertising, is this idea that we are getting better at understanding our clients and guessing less and less. Once upon a time, companies had absolutely no idea who their customers were…

… Nowadays, marketers don’t just guess at things.”

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CX Should Be Linked to Your Overall Business Goals

TechBytes with Jeremy Finch, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

“Great customer experience makes customer acquisition easier and cheaper – marketers don’t have to spend as much money and effort convincing people that their product or service is great if the experience clearly speaks for itself

… Customer experience is deeply linked to overall business goals, but it must be measured cohesively next to other organizational priorities in order to stay front and center. The four key areas where technology can help achieve business goals include customer acquisition, customer retention, win-back, and virality.”

Do Your TV and Video Teams Work in Silos

Interview with Melinda McLaughlin, CMO, Extreme Reach

“As TV and video advertising converge, marketers and agencies need to be able to rely on a single source for storing and accessing their creative assets. Too often, we see clients struggling to find the correct video assets when preparing for the launch of a new campaign. The confusion is exacerbated when TV and video teams work in silos. Talent & Rights Management in advertising is a tremendously important piece of the equation.”

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