Ad Targeting Best Practices

Marketing is challenging, but marketers love challenges.

Within the marketing and digital ad industry, amateurs and pros face similar kind of challenges. Amidst the constant chaos it is important to find the right way to reach niche audiences with the right messaging at the right time to turn every online ad campaign into a successful strategy. 

In order to accomplish the end goal, you must know who is most likely to complete the desired action, whether that’s making a purchase or providing you with their contact information. With all the information gathered, you can then focus on this specific group with better audience targeting measures. In the absence of audience targeting, your ad campaigns are running like guesswork. You are sending your ads to a large group of people, hoping that at least some would see it. In this way, you end up wasting your time and money. 

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So, how do you define your target audience and bring your ads to the limelight. Here are a few quick tips

  • Understand your audience

It is too cliché. Well, you know it, but that’s not all. You do not need to know your audience; you need to evaluate the type of people you are marketing to. You may have the most mesmerizing ad campaign, but if you show it to the wrong group of people, the effort is worthless.

Define who your audience is, what the audience wants and where they are located. 

  • Understanding your sales / marketing funnel

Many a time, marketers are unaware of how their sales or marketing funnel is working, and what is the objective of each ad that’s placed online. Know your objective, know the sales funnel for each ad and work on it. 

  • Understand the traffic source

As you have the personas and sales funnels defined well, it is time to grab more about your traffic source. You are already using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, they can greatly help here. 

  • It is time to optimize and test

You are supposed to test your ad at each stage, change the elements and enjoy the aggregate gains. Your only aim should be to move your campaign ahead. 

With the help of online ads, brands can easily find out about anyone, in any segment, assess their interest on any product they are looking for. Fortunately, with technological breakthroughs, brands have achieved flexibility in reaching out to effectively to different groups of consumers. 

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When it comes to online ad targeting, the following tools can help: 

  • HubSpot Ad Management Tool

The tool is going to help you with your inbound marketing strategy and campaigns. One tool and you can run all your campaigns from start to finish. The tool will support ad creation, management, reporting across various channels. 

Some of the top features are:

  • Automated ad targeting
  • Managing ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn, understanding audience behavior.
  • AdRoll

AdRoll is designed for e-commerce businesses focusing on email marketing, ads, cross-channel measurement and AI-based recommendations. The platform can act as a home base for all of your business’s marketing and advertising activity. 

Some of the notable capabilities of this tool are:

  • Sharing targeted videos and display ads to foster emotional connections with customers.
  • Personalizing dynamic ads using AI-powered product recommendations to target your audience members.
  • Using advanced measurements and attribution to identify growth opportunities
  • RollWorks

It is an account-based platform meant to help you identify target accounts, engage them via ads and different channels, and measure the impact in doing so. Right from identifying the target accounts, prioritizing the accounts, automating various sales task to account-based advertising, the tool will do it all. 

Some of the additional features are:

  • Reaching and engaging with highly-qualified lead accounts with ads
  • Lead-gen tactics and ABM programs
  • Create re-targeting ads to bring leads.
  • Influ2

A person-based platform designed for B2B businesses, and with this tool you can show your ads to specific people, and then measure the success of the ads amongst the targeted ones. Some of the things that one can achieve with Influ2 are:

  • Selecting individuals to see the ads and see if they are relevant. 
  • Improve brand awareness and recognition by displaying the curated ads and information to hand-picked audience. 
  • Use the name-by-name tracker feature to see the emails, names, titles, companies, LinkedIn profile of people and so on. 

Undoubtedly, your marketing and advertising team and output is going to get better with effective ad management practices. Never be afraid of experimenting with various options, explore more and find out what suits your business goal the best. 

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