Australian MarTech Vendors that are Changing the Martech Game!

Technology has seen rapid development over the years. Every sector in the business world has seen the integration of technology, and the marketing sector is no exception. Marketing technology can best be described as a set of tools aimed to streamline and boost the marketing process. It helps marketers to better understand their customers to deliver a personalized customer experience. This drastically increases customer satisfaction, leading to a longer customer lifespan, leading to a higher return on investment in the future. In simple words, marketing technology is aimed at improving business outcomes by making the marketing cycle effective and efficient.

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Australian Marketing Technology Platforms

Australia is famous for its highly developed economy. The heights of success the Australian market has reached today stand on the local businesses ‘ ability to incorporate technology and improve their operations drastically. The Australian marketing technology industry has seen great heights because of reasons like: –

  1. The recent technology budgets in Australia have been hiked by 2.1% in corporate and governmental sectors.
  2. An increasing number of Australian companies have migrated to digital marketing.
  3. Australian companies focus more on customer satisfaction and customer experience, which compels them to improve the platform instead of re-inventing their business.

Listed below are some of the most prominent Australian marketing technology vendors: –

  1. Emotive

Emotive is a fairly new name in the business world; it was founded just a couple of years ago. It is the first human-to-human marketing platform to use text messages to grow and increase revenue.  The clients here are mainly e-commerce brands. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human assistance to curate and draft texts based on the fundamentals of human texts. Their clients use these texts to promote sales, scale product recommendations, and boost new product releases.

Emotive recently closed a Series B funding round of $50 million. This has bought the company’s valuation to $400 million. In a recent interview, Emotive quoted that this capital will accelerate investment on the platform and launch new products.

  1. Sitecore

Sitecore is leading in martech innovation and has received several awards. It holds expertise in market leadership and helps its clients worldwide create a one-of-a-kind experience for its customers and supporters.

Sitecore recently completed two acquisitions; the first acquisition was Boxever, a SaaS-based CDP provider whose key capabilities are providing an all-around view of customers. This platform also includes advanced segmentation, real-time decision-making, and effective experimentation. The second firm to be acquired was Four51. Four51 is a company aimed at delivering B2B and B2C eCommerce experiences. These acquisitions will expand and enhance Sitecore’s customer intelligence and AI-driven tools. It will also add and complement the platforms’ B2C commerce capabilities.

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  1. Nielsen

Nielsen is one of the top platforms to enable clients’ deeper connection with audiences by fueling the media industry with the most accurate information. They measure what the audiences love across all platforms and channels, from podcasts to streaming TC to even social media. They help the companies connect truly with their customer, which fuels their marketing process and accelerates growth.

This platform is shortly rolling out an ID resolution system for global attribution measurement. This will be done with people-based identifiers. This system will utilize persistent identifiers to enable Nielson to verify all the characteristics and exposure across media.

  1. Cision

Cision is a modern communicator who fuels the marketing process of a company. It holds expertise in understanding the brands’ reputation with a complete collection on online news and broadcast channels. Cision also has a new and updated media and social influencer database that helps the client build better relationships.

Cision recently acquired Brandwatch for $450 million. Brandwatch is digital consumer intelligence and a social media listening platform. Both the platform together can provide brands and companies with not only consumer intelligence but also media intelligence. This will help devise better consumer engagement strategies from the PR department, marketing, and even the product development department.

  1. MetaCX

MetaCX is a business-to-business ecosystem management vendor that transforms the collaboration between suppliers and buyers and wins success with shared success plans. Live performance data back up this platform.

This platform recently launched CXLayer, a capability that allows MetaCX success plan to be connected directly into a SaaS application or a digital experience. This adds to the companies’ integration plan, which can be greatly beneficial for its clients. This will drive customer engagement and improve customer satisfaction. This will also allow users to manage the customer relationship directly from any portal and act as a customer experience tool for companies who do not have a SaaS product.

With such experienced martech vendors offering their services, enterprises in Australia can efficiently leverage the latest MarTech tools and pursue their organizational objectives in an effective manner.

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