Is your Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy Failing?

Here are a Few Tools and Best Practices that can Help

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO is no more a manual game because modern digital marketing norms are constantly devoting themselves to new CRO tools to boost their conversion game. 

This makes sense too, as most of us are encouraged to drive high-quality leads that successful convert to sales. Why is a CRO tool is important in this regard? CRO tools collect data about your website and the visitors, eventually making you understand the way people use your website. The information further helps you identify and test potential changes to increase conversion rates.

When you pick up the right CRO tool, you can:

  • Create a better understanding on why visitors aren’t converting into leads.
  • Identify possible changes to make to your website to increase conversions.
  • Test changes you make to your website in order to boost conversion rates.

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Here are a few top CRO tools that can boost your CRO game-plan.  

1. Plerdy

One of the popular CRO tools, Plerdy allows you to understand user behavior on your website. Plerdy makes it very easy to track, analyze, and covert visitors into buyers. The main functions available to the users are Heatmap, Popup forms, SEO checker, session replay, event tracking, sales performance and conversion funnel. Thousands of companies such as Hafele, Huggies, Subaru trust Plerdy for their CRO requirements. 

2. Mouseflow

Heatmap tracking is the most essential tool in order to improve conversion rate optimization. Mouseflow offers an incredible heatmap tracking software to convert your leads. With Mouseflow, you can record all your website visitor’s sessions, and find out how and why your leads are dropping out of the sales funnel. With the information from heatmapping systems and session recording along with funnel and form analysis features, Mouseflow can help you make out what is preventing you from lead conversions. 

3. Instapage

Instapage is essentially a landing page creation tool to create landing pages that convert. It is a powerful page builder that makes it extremely easy to create conversion friendly professional landing pages. Once the landing page is created, you can use other CRO features of Instapage like heatmapping, analysis tools to optimize the pages further for your customers. 

4. Lucky Orange

The next in our list is Lucky Orange, which is too lucky to be an all-in-one CRO tool. The CRO tool uses dynamic heatmaps, live chat, visitors session recordings and so on to boost your conversions. For beginners, Lucky Orange can act as a Holy Grail for CRO efforts because it is a comprehensive tool offering a lit bit of everything that a marketer needs to understand customer interactions.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the most popular one out there, and we probably don’t need to tell you why. Google Analytics is more useful for gathering information on CRO and the related insights and analytics to improve the performance and in turn, improving lead conversions. Google Analytics will help you find out which of your pages are converting or not converting and the reasons behind it. 

Use Google Analytics to unfold useful insights about your audience’s behavior, set up funnel analysis tools and so on. 

6. Proof

Proof is a renowned CRO tool designed for personalization. Many enterprise companies use CRO tools to drive traffic to their websites, there are certain tools that are helpful for small businesses as well. One such CRO platform is Proof, which customizes its features according to the needs of the visitor. 

Proof is essentially a web page optimization tool with some interesting features to improve the overall user experience, increase click-through and conversion rates. The best thing about Proof is that it is made for marketers and it is very easy to use. 

7. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a CRO tool for web traffic and it has been consistently used by brands for years. The tool will help you produce detailed reports on the performance of your competitors and offer insights on how your website can improve to drive more traffic. For marketers, this tool can uncover the best strategies from your competitors along with SEO and content strategies. The tool can also help you build and grow your affiliate network. 

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