Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: 19th-April-2021: Featuring Microsoft, CampaignMonitor, ON24, Unbounce and More!

When there is a knowledge-gap between marketing members, it can affect the optimization of marketing technologies and processes. How are some of the leaders in marketing overcoming some of these fundamental problems in marketing and martech

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When it comes to video marketing, there is no one size fits all solution for video distribution, by and large you must really define who your target audience is, and what are the best means to reach them. Also, real-time analytics–understanding what’s going on with your viewers at any given moment–are going to be extremely important for both ensuring a quality user experience with as little churn as possible, and in monetizing content through advertising. –Stefan Lederer, CEO and Co-founder at Bitmovin

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MarTech Series Interview with Fara Haron, Regional CEO at Majorel
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Many big brands with strong digital presences were able to communicate effectively through their websites and social channels. However, the situation was very different for smaller businesses who lacked a robust presence on digital platforms. Many of these companies successfully built their brands by reaching out to customers directly via email or social platforms such as Instagram. Small and mid-sized businesses also collaborated and supported each other during the pandemic, often by re-posting content and creating community-wide visibility and support. This cross-promotion and collaboration helped many small businesses survive an unprecedented year- Fara Haron, Regional CEO at Majorel

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