Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: 24th May Featuring Bambuser, mParticle, Informatica, ZoomInfo and more!

The depth of Martech tools available to Marketers today leads to large amounts of data at at their disposal. How are some of the industry’s leading marketers using martech to plan effective marketing cadences? 

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The best marketers understand that marketing is in everything – in sales, HR, customer service, and even tech and legal. You need to make sure that the whole company is on the same page. You can’t have different messaging. –Philip Kushmaro, VP Marketing at Usercentrics

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MarTech QnA with the Expert

MarTech Interview with Rory Cutaia, Founder, Chairman, President & CEO at Verb Technology Company, Inc
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While all business processes have been impacted by social distancing restrictions, the sales process was impacted most. This is especially true of small businesses such as retailers that often rely on in-person connections to promote and sell their products. Consider all of the business owners who have tried to stay afloat despite extreme declines in revenue. Employees have lost their jobs and some businesses have even permanently shut their doors as a result of reduced customer traffic during the pandemic. This is exactly where interactive video can provide the support retailers need. –Rory Cutaia, Founder, Chairman, President & CEO at Verb Technology Company, Inc

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