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With all the new innovations in martech and new martech platforms cropping up, it is now more important for marketing teams and marketing leaders to focus on implementing only those martech tools in their stack that integrate well with each other. 

What do the leaders in marketing do when it comes to ensuring that all their martech platforms work well with each other? 

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Marketers need automated segmentation to maintain data anonymity. By using automation techniques, marketers can identify and remove any sensitive data in their martech stack that violates any laws or doesn’t adhere to consumer data privacy preferences. If marketers fail to vet existing data across their martech stacks, it can result in customer loss, or even worse, major fines from violating privacy laws.

Steffen Schebesta, CEO At Sendinblue 

Top MarTech News of The Week: 26th July to 30th July 2021

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MarTech Series Interview with Tracey Mustacchio, Chief Marketing Officer at Secureworks
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But today’s CMO has vastly more complex responsibilities centered around positioning, revenue growth, and customer centricity, because we are closer to revenue than ever before. And because of that, brand today has taken on a more holistic meaning.  We must be constantly attuned with customers and buyers and aligning all of our engagement to the buyer’s journey, both pre and post purchase. In today’s digital world, customers often identify their shortlist of potential solutions before ever speaking to a person. 


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