Benefits Of Using An AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

Artificial Intelligence can help you improve your social media strategy and social media presence by: 

  • Helping you understand what makes for better social media processes

  • Streamlining your activities, and

  • Helping you target the right audience with relevant social media posts and social content

Social media has long since gone beyond being meant for just friendly chat. Today, social media is a powerful channel that can turn around your business presence. Social media offers you incredible tools to-market, advertise and promote your products and services to a target audience or specific demography. 

For growing companies and enterprise teams who deal in bulk content development and lots of social media activities, managing social media manually won’t be an easy job. 

AI powered tools are useful in helping B2B marketing teams scale their social media activities and social media plans. 

  • Experts think that AI is going to generate 2.3 million new employment opportunities. 
  • 35% of the customers are happy talking to a bot who is readily available to them all the time. 
  • 75% of the organizations are using AI and AI is helping them boost customer satisfaction by more than 10%. 

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There are various ways through which you can implement AI into your social media strategy. We have outlined a few AI powered social media tools that will help you add more power to your social media strategy: 

Social Bakers

One of the top most names in the social media industry, Social Bakers offers you an AI powered platform to cater to all your social media needs. From cross-channel analysis to content planning,  community management and smooth execution, you get everything. 

With Social bakers, you can: 

  • Experience all-channel social listening
  • Track conversations
  • Assume advanced audience analysis
  • Indulge in end-to-end influencer marketing
  • Unify content feeds and insights. 

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is an all-inclusive social media suite for businesses and enterprises. With Zoho social, you can schedule posts, monitor mentions, craft your custom dashboards and many more. It offers you a powerful suite of features such as bulk scheduler, publishing calendar, and repeat posts so that you do not miss out on anything. With Zoho Social, you can: 

  • Track relevant social conversations and respond to the important ones. 
  • Analyze performance with the help of advanced reporting features
  • Create custom user-roles to bring all the members at one platform. 


Another popular name Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media suite. It is a global leader with more than 200,000 paid accounts used by millions of users. The primary reason for the popularity of Hootsuite is its capability to boost small businesses and enterprises alike. 

With Hootsuite, you can: 

  • Create and schedule posts
  • Manage all the social media channels your brand functions on from one place
  • Plan upcoming campaigns
  • Measure the performance and analyze the results

Sprout Social

Sprout Social, is a complete social media suite for businesses and enterprises. Social media cannot be a guessing game anymore, get Sprout Social, save time and use predictive analysis to stop the guess work! With this tool at hand, it is easy to speed up data collection, improve your ROI and polish your overall social media strategy. With the help of Sprout Social, you can: 

  • Inspire confidence in your team
  • Maintain an oversight of all connected social media profiles
  • Gain competitive advantage


An AI-based social media management tool allowing you to analyze and monitor all your social media channels, with the help of Linkfluence, it is easy to gain insights for your brand and have a deep understanding of your audience. The tool will help you realize your brand’s position in the market and mark the areas of the improvement. Some of the notable features of Linkfluence are: 

  • Offers cluster functions to find relevant topics. 
  • Instagram marketing is its strong point. 
  • Offers tools to compare visibility on various social media channels. 


Persado is an AI-powered software, which produces languages resonating most with the given audience, segment or individual to drive action. Remove the guesswork of copywriting and create effective copies using the insights given by the software. Persado helps you personalize the entire customer journey. With Persado, you can: 

  • Add subject lines categorized by emotions
  • Gain insights in the language the inspires the audience
  • Offers you a plenty of subject lines to choose from. 

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